5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

There is is no camera in this world that can bring photos as it is. The camera has limitations photos may always not look like as we wanted from the camera. So, there is a need to edit the photos in order to enhance their features. Photo Editing Apps always does not mean adding a subject that didn’t exist there in the first place. It is about making the photo look more expressive. It can help to make the photorealistic. It is a way to make a photo more balanced pleasing and better quality.

What is Photo editing?

Editing a photo means removing the defect in the photos. It may be an object or the highlights, shadows, tint, hue, etc. We have different Photo Editing Apps for different kinds of photo. Among them, we have mentioned the 5 best Photo Editing Apps here:

1. Adobe Lightroom CC

Lightroom is a very powerful Photo Editing Apps for mobile phones. Lightroom for mobile and tablets is a free photo editing app that is both available in apple and Android. Adobe Lightroom provides you an effective, yet simple solution for editing, and sharing your photos. And you can also upgrade Photoshop for premium features that give you precise control with unlimited access.

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Lightroom being a part of Adobe makes it easy to share the photos with Adobe creative cloud. The basic color correction can be done in lightroom.

Upgrading to a premium lightroom version gives you the ability to edit the photo selectively. Moreover, it has its own camera that lets you shoot photos professionally adjusting the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, timer, etc.

2. Snapseed

Snapseed is a Photo Editing Apps for iOS and Android that enables users to enhance photos and apply digital filters. It was created by Nik Software and is now owned by Google. Unlike Lightroom, this software is free and has more digital tools.


Snapseed has a smooth user experience and it’s fairly easy to use. Snapseed is highly admired by mobile photographers for its ability to merge photos. Snapseed also helps you to manipulate photos very easily.

It has the support of RAW files which will greatly please photographers. There are also some filters as well if you’re into that. It’s surprisingly light and simple for how powerful it is. The app is also one of the rare free photo editor apps with no ads or in-app purchases.

3. PicsArt

PicsArt is an image editing apps that enable users to take and edit pictures. It also facilitates you to draw with layers and share their pictures with the PicsArt community and on other social network sites. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

PicsArt is a very vast editing tool. It got everything that a mobile editor looks for including some amazing filters for social media and all. Picsart also includes social networking where you can share your creations. It is considered one of the best in making collages and merging two pictures. Picsart also has a drawing tool called colors, where digital artists can draw their artworks.
Upgrading to premium gives the ability to toggle various unique fonts, stickers, filters, and features.


VSCO, also known as VSCO Cam, is a photography app that is suitable for both iOS and Android devices. The app was created by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze. This app lets users capture photos in the app and edit them, using preset filters and editing tools. VSCO Photo Editing Apps is more popular among iPhone users.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

VSCO is one of the best iPhone photography apps and features an excellent camera, social sharing, and iPhone photo app. VSCO also has a dedicated community of photographers.

As you open the app, your will be stunned by VSCO’s intuitive design – the main menu is clean and precise, and tools are designed with simple, easy-to-understand icons. It also contains a professional camera mode for the users that like to shoot professionally in iPhones too, because the iphone default camera doesn’t allow doing so.

5. Adobe Photoshop express

Adobe Photoshop Express is another best free image editing and collage tool from Adobe Systems Pvt. Ltd. The app is available in many devices like iOS, Android, Windows phones, and tablets. It can also be installed on Windows desktop with Windows 8 and above, via the Microsoft Store.

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

This version of photoshop is for the people who are on the go. It’s extremely easy and has a choice to take it further with Abode Lightroom CC. The main advantage of the Adobe product is its eco-system and its file support. That makes that on top for professional photographers.

And, That was the list of our top 5 photo editors for mobile phones.

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