Top 5 Best Tv Shows Trending Worldwide

Top 5 Best Tv Shows Trending Worldwide

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We put together a complete list of the best shows to watch based on the shows you already love. Some are similar in tone; some share the same creator of stars, and some will get you thinking about the same big ideas. As ever, what I love best about television is its ability to immerse us in lives, brains, and social worlds we’d never otherwise inhabit. Hooray!!! for specificity

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Most Trending Tv Shows of 2022

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So here it is, ladies and gentlemen! My pick for the best TV Shows of all time, you must watch before you die!

5. Peacemaker

peacemaker tv show

If you’re a sucker for superhero shenanigans, particularly those from the DC universe, then you’re in luck. Peacemaker is television’s latest comic-book series detailing the adventures of the vigilante Christopher Smith (a.k.a Peacemaker). Picking up right after the events of Dc Movies Suicide Squad (2021), Peacemaker is faced with a mission to tackle parasitic butterfly-like creatures who have hijacked human bodies around the world.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Year Running: 2022
IMDb Rating: 8.5/10
Did You Know? Creator James Gunn wrote the entire show in eight weeks while he was bored during COVID quarantine. He never believed the show would ever get picked up!

4. Yellowstone

drama tv show

Tune into this one if you’re a fan of Western dramas! Yellowstone first aired in 2018 and soon grabbed the attention of all TV show geeks in 2022 with its fourth season. The series is about the Dutton family who owns the largest ranch in Montana, “The Yellowstone”, and follows their personal and political drama with the bordering Broken Rock Indian Reservation, national park, and developers.

Genre: Drama
Year Running: 2018-Now
IMDb Rating: 8.8/10
Did You Know? Chief Joseph Ranch is usually open for accommodation in real-life, but due to the popularity of the show, it tends to be fully booked months in advance.

3. The Walking Dead

walking down show

The Walking Dead is currently one of the most popular TV shows around. It’s not just another zombie apocalypse series-though there are plenty of zombies-the inspirational, and sometimes horrific journey of Rick Grimes and his tight-knit friends who bond, survive, and sometimes even die together. Who they trust can determine their fate. Throw in the worst villains you can conjure up, exhilarating battle scenes, zombie hordes and you’ll have yourself the best of all worlds. Each episode might leave you feeling glum, but you can always have a laugh by scrolling through some walking dead memes.

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller 
Year Running: 
IMDb Rating: 
Did You Know? Daryl Dixon doesn’t exist in the comics!

2. The Witcher

action show

Delve into a fantastical world of magic, monsters, and magnificent mayhem in the 2019 release, The Witcher. The highly-anticipated TV show that’s been adapted from the popular video game is what fans call the newest Game of Thrones. Follow the adventures of the Witcher and monster hunter, Geralt, and get lost in twisted timelines, supernatural powers, and mind-blowing monsters.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama
Year Running: 2019-Now
IMDb Rating: 8.2 /10
Did You Know? All of Geralt’s stunts are performed by Henry Cavill himself! The actor declined to use a stunt double for any action scenes in the show.

1. Bridgerton

Bridgerton drama show

Seen Downton Abbey? Watched every version of Pride & Prejudice? Now’s the time to binge-watch talk-of-the-town TV show, Bridgerton. If you’re a fan of watching romance stories unfold during the 19th century, this hit show is certainly for you. Believe me guys you will love this show !!! With themes of scandal, lust, and wealth, Bridgerton centers around two elite families who set out to match their children to suitable partners for marriage. Put Gossip Girl in the 19th century and you’ve got Bridgerton. Yep, that’s right.

Genre: Drama, Romance
Year Running: 2020 – Now
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10
Did You Know? This TV show is based on the popular “Bridgerton” book series of the same name!

Lets Watch It Together Guys

superhero tv show

All in all, the best of 2022’s TV revealed something about who we are as a people, right now. I suppose that’s what the art of pop culture is supposed to do: stand as a caricatured photo of the people we were, the people we are, and the people we could become. From devils to witches, murderers to the elite, magic to reality, these 2022 series prove that television has never been better. Hope this article is useful to you. Have a wonderful Day!!!

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