Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works

Nepal is a developing country and infrastructure is a core of development. Hence, construction is a prevalent thing and keeps taking place at various places. Many materials are used for the purpose of construction. Here we have listed some of the Materials used in construction work:

1. Cement 

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works
Cement: Materials used in construction work

Cement is one of the fundamental yet important Materials used in construction work. Cement is the material which is precisely used the fine powder of the mineral used for binding purposes. For the production of cement, limestone and clay are mixed and ground together wither and then are heated at the temperature of almost fifteen hundred-degree Celsius. The resulted substance thus formed is called clinker which is the combination of silicate, Alumina, iron oxide, and calcium. 

When the cement is mixed with water then it transforms into the binding material. The property of the cement varies based on the fluctuation in the composition and fineness of cement and its consistency with water.  

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2. Aggregate

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works
Aggregate: Materials used in construction work

Aggregate is no less important construction material that is used in almost all types of construction work. Large rocks are crushed in the crusher industry for the formation of aggregate. Aggregate works as the load-bearing component in the constructed structures. The size of the aggregate varies and it’s strength and uses also cries accordingly. The size may vary as 10mm, 20mm, etc. Most volume and weight of the concrete is occupied by aggregate.  

3. Sand

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works
Sand: Materials used in construction work

Sand is popularly known to be used in concrete and it is the textural type of soil. It is called textural type do soil because even in the sand only 85% is the sand size particle. The most frequent Constitution of sand is silica which is the kind of quartz. Based on the condition source of the rock, the quality and the composition of sand will vary. The most frequently used sand is the calcium carbonate which is found near the river or sea in the form of coral and shellfish.  

4. Concrete

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works
Concrete: Materials used in construction work

Concrete is the construction material made by the composition of binding material cement and aggregate. Concrete has a high amount of compressive strength but in contrast, it has low tensile strength. To compensate it’s low tensile strength steel rods and bars commonly known as rebars are used. The concrete in rebars are used is called the reinforces concrete. Because of the ease of transportation, longevity and it’s formability, concrete has become one of the predominant construction material.  

5. Brick

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works
Brick: Materials used in construction work

Brick is the blocks that are usually made from clay, shale, or low-quality sand which should be kiln fire material. Bricks are usually formed by the soft mud method usually known as molding. For commercial purposes, a stiff mud process of formation is used. Nepal is a developing country so the infrastructure is a very basic form of development so brick is widely used in Nepal.  Bricks are fire resistant as well as cheap which become the chief factor for its wide use.  

6. Steel 

Top 10 Materials Used in Construction Works
Construction Workers

The main component of steel is iron and it is a metal alloy. Steel is a very typical choice for the Engineer when it comes to the structure material in the form of metal. There are many properties of steel which makes it essential such as it’s flexibility, long-lasting property and it’s strength. In the cosmopolitan cities of Nepal, metal figures are used predominantly. The concrete in which iron rods are used is called as the reinforced concrete.  

7. Wood

Materials used in construction work
Woods: Materials used in construction work

Wood is the product of a tree of the fibrous crop which is popularly used as the construction materials. Woods are flexible, it holds good strength during folding and the strength is really good while compressing it vertically. Years backwoods were widely used for the construction of structure but nowadays it is not used that much. For making the doors and windows of the house, wood is quite widely used in Nepal.   

8. Plastics

Materials used in construction work
Plastic: Materials used in construction work

Plastic is a polymerized product that could be synthetic or semi-synthetic material. It is formed by the organic condensation or polymerization and it can easily be molded and extruded into fiber, films, and objects. Plastics are a great product as they are malleable and have the property of plasticity. It has resilience, hardness, and a great property of heat tolerance. It is widely used in construction as sewage pipes, water pipes, and many other products during the house construction.  

9. Ceramics

Materials used in construction work
Ceramic: Materials used in construction work

Ceramics includes fixtures and tiles in their list. Most of the newly constructed houses of Nepal use ceramics in various forms of construction. So it is one of the most used coverings or the fixture of the building. It is used in flooring, walls, counter-tops as well as in ceilings. It is used in many Technical areas and along with it’s a property it also does the work of beautifying the house.  

10. Glass

Materials used in construction work
Glass: Materials used in construction work

Glass is an extremely brittle material which is usually created from the mixture of sand and silica. By using glass at our home we can protect our home form various inclement weather with sufficient light at our home. We can cover the entire facade of the building with the contemporary glass known as curtain walls. We can also use it over the wide roof as a space frame.  


These materials are very basic and used in almost all types of structures in Nepal. Carefully select your construction material because if the materials are good them the constructed building will be great.  

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