Top 10 Famous YouTube Channels of Nepal

Top 10 Famous YouTube Channels of Nepal

There is a video for every interest on YouTube, even those videos which you did not know exists. Almost all videos are short or long which tries to convey some interesting messages to their audiences.

Below are some of popular you tubes channel which have become viral in all of Nepal.Enjoy these channels in your leisure time.

1. Herne Katha

It is a very short documentary series which is about the stories of simple people placed in an extraordinary situation. Furthermore, the stories are all relatable to our own lives.

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The series is co founded by the talented duo of Kamal Kumar and Bidhya Chapagain.

2. The StoryTellers

This Nepali YouTube Series tells the stories of those people who made a name for themselves and gained significant recognition in their field. Furthermore, the storytellers are co ordinarily invited from various sectors of society like music, education, entertainment, social worker, and many more.

Also on the channel, people who are successful tells their tale of hard work, struggle, and obstacles that they faced in their life. These stories motivate and inspire people to move on with their own lives.

3. Why So Offended?

It is one of the finest You Tube channel as its contents are mostly made on current trending subject.

Fascinating thing is that contents used in the channel are it uses the topics which are trendy in recent times and gives off well-proportioned perspective too. Likewise, the opinion given on the topics is relevant too.

4. Random Nepali

This is a YouTube channel where contents are made to cater to Nepali contexts. The contents are made related to recent happening trends in Nepal.

Also You Tuber also gives their opinions on hot and happening topics on the channel. The videos used in the channel are formed from white animation software. However, videos are not uploaded regularly but check this channel out for the content provided in it is great.

5. Ghumante

Ghumante is a lovely YouTube channel which follows several fascinating stories related to travel and journeys made in the lovely nation of Nepal.

It is one of the best travel channels in Nepal that gives authentic information about travelling through various parts of the country. Travel freaks will enjoy this channel.

6. Fuzz Factory Production

The channel is all about music. If you are passionate about music then you will not be disappointed with this channel. In it, local music is intelligently fused with electro music which sounds very nice to the ears.

Check out Fuzz Factory Production music lover and enjoy spell-bounding music that will ease your tensions and frustrations.

7. Word Warriors Nepal

Word Warriors Nepal is formed by aspiring and upcoming Nepalese poets who are making significant revolution in poetry in Nepal.

The poets in the channel arrange poetry competitions, events, and conduct various workshops in Nepal.

8. Jazz Productions

In this channel,young people work really hard to make their work productive. They have a fearless attitude to their approach, hence the content that they make is very creative.

The controversy came when the channel’s short movie, Bob was stolen by famous Indian movie maker Shirish Kundar, which he named Kirti which got severe backlash as it was dubbed as Kirti stole Bob.

9. It’s Darshan

This YouTube channel is made by Darshal Pokhrel, a Chitwan based blogger who loves making travel videos. He has also remarkable skills in editing and cinematography.

Although,he does not have much story on his videos.However,he is trying to improve and getting better at it in recent times.

10. Music Nepal

Music Nepal is one of the most You Tube channel. Fans of Nepali music could tune in this channel and watch and listen lovely music.

From the soundtrack of the Nepali movie to songs of several music artists, this channel cover all these musical activities. So, lover of all things Nepali music, go and enjoy the Nepali music it right now.