Top 10 famous Superheroes of all time

Top 10 famous Superheroes of all time

Superhero comics are popular throughout the world. Be it be a child or an adult, anyone can enjoy a good superhero comic book where a great superhero ultimately triumphs over overwhelming odds and evil forces.

Before starting the following list, I want to say that this list is totally based on my own research and my personal viewpoint of these superheroes. So, please don’t be sad if your favorite superhero did not make this list.


Superman is arguably the famous superhero that the world has ever known. The man from Krypton first appeared in the comics in 1939.

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Famous actors such as Kristopher Reeves and Henry Cavill have made the character of Superman more popular in the entertainment industry. Possibly the strongest superhero alongside, Hulk, Superman has continued to fascinate comic book lovers over the years.


Like Superman, Batman too has his own fan following in the pop culture world. The alter ego of billionaire playboy tycoon, Bruce Wayne, Batman remains the famous superhero for more than seven decades.

The famous crime-fighter of Gotham city has been portrayed by legendary actors such as Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Adam West, and Ben Affleck on the big screen.

3. Spiderman

Moving on to Marvel Comics, there is no superhero who is as popular and iconic as Spiderman. Since making his first appearance in 1969, he made a jump from being a comic book icon to be the center of attention in the Marvel Cinema Universe.

Since 2002, the Spiderman franchise has seen seven movies and played by three actors, Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland. Another spiderman movie is expected to be released in 2021.


Played by the talented actor, Ryan Renold, Deadpool is a comic superhero who has just come into prominence in the last decade. The character was introduced by Marvel comics in 1991.

Deadpool is an extraordinary mutant who has a great sense of humor which matches his personality pretty well. He is a funny and lovable character who has his dark side too. Furthermore, this character is also known for breaking the fourth wall


Created by the legendary comic book genius Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962, Hulk is a beloved superhero that both kids and older generation equally adored.

Affectionately named the Green Goliath, Hulk is a lovely character who does not want to harm people even when he is not in his normal self. The power of hulk is extraordinarily awesome, to say the least. Furthermore, his movies are also very interesting to watch.

6.Iron Man

Created in 1963, Iron Man won the hearts of comic book fanatics after his performance in the action-packed movie, Avengers Endgame. Tony Stark is a genius-level engineer who designs an indestructible armor suit and saves his teammate and humankind from evildoers.

Likewise, the character is funny, lovable, and motivate his fellow heroes through his bravery and showing strong resolve in the face of adversity. In the Marvel cinematic universe, Iron Man is played by the great actor Robert Downey Jr.


The famous Norse god of thunder, Thor is an important superhero of Marvel Comics. Possibly one of the strongest members of the Avengers team, Thor, son of all father Odin, loves humans and earth very much.

Besides these, the blonde hair god is also very handsome, unbeatable in battle, and has a Mjolnir hammer which makes him invincible against his foe.

8.Captain America

Nicknamed the First Avenger, Captain America has been fighting crimes since the early 1940s. He was introduced in 1941 during the height of the second world war.

Armed with his famous shield, Captain America is the symbol of patriotism, justice, and truth. The leader of the Avengers, Steve Rogers handles the most difficult situation with intelligence and determination. His friendly fights with Iron is a well-known occurrence in movies and comics.


Flash is a great and popular DC superhero who made his first appearance in 1956. His main powers come from the speed force from which he gains supersonic speed and could run exceedingly quicker than light.

This incomparable speedster has made his mark in comics, animated series, games, and DC cinematic movies, Justice League(2017). Furthermore, Flash has his own TV series, The Flash which has been running successfully since 2014.


The badass Marvel anti-hero, Wolverine appeared in the Marvel comics in 1974. He is one of the prominent members of the famed X Men mutant group. His notable features are his adamantium bones, sharp claws, and wolf likeability.

In the gallery of superheroes, Wolverine is one unique character who is loyal to his family and friends. In the Marvel cinematic universe, Wolverine is memorably played by the great Australian actor, High Jackman.

Some of the honorable mentions are

Green Lantern


One punch man Saitama

Black Panter


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