Top 10 Comic Book Channels on YouTube

Top 10 Comic Book Channels on YouTube

Comic Books are loved by kids and adults alike. As an avid lover of comic books, there are several interesting YouTube comic channels that fans can enjoy. Everyone has different views and perspectives on famous comics such as Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and several comics.

While it is difficult to choose which is the best comic books channels out there on YouTube.But here are some of the finest channels which give you fascinating insights into the world of comics.

1. Variant Comics

This is popular comic book channel hosted by the famous comic book nerd and pandit Arris Quinones .The videos presented by him is awesome to say at best.

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He covers several versions of Marvel and DC comics and looks at many impressive characters of famous characters. Also, in the end, he also keeps up to date with weekly issues of comics.

2. Comics Explained

The channel hosted by comic expert,Rob ,provides full analysis on comics that has interested him.He gives full details on the comics that he read on weekly basis.

From the videos, we can know that he has done a thorough research and shows that he has a passion for comic books. This channel is a great place where new fans of comics can get to begin with.

3. Comicstorian

In this channel, the videos look into in-depth into the world famous comic book franchise which is DC and Marvel Comics.The content made from extensive research and gives some strange facts that even die hard fans hard comic fans will find interesting.

Also, Comicstorian also provides videos on comic book-themed games and movie podcasts. Moreover, it also makes consistent updates on everything happening currently in the comic world.

4. What Culture Comics

If you are one of those fans who love comic books deeply, What Culture Top 10 is one of the best comic book channels on YouTube right now.

The channels look and talks about several comic topics that even expert comic book fans would be baffled with. They rank them accordingly in a well thought out research list which honestly is pretty authentic.

5. Syfy Wire

This channel gives quality content that is related to Image Comics. Furthermore, it also deep look into the long and illustrious history of Image Comics.

You will enjoy the video as it is the tale of an underdog comic company who somehow managed to hold it’s own and made a name in the comic industry.

6. Mr. Sunday Movies

Mr. Sunday is an Australian You Tuber who has made several videos related to pop culture. Not only does, he discusses movies and TV series but also looked into comics and video game genres.

The Caravan of Garbage also explores retro comic books that are not worth much in today’s comic world. The show also talks about several aspects related to comics whether it be a recent Spiderman movie, Fantastic comic, or old superhero animated series.

7. Star Wars Comics

Stars Wars is one of the most-watched movie franchises of all time. Fans of Star Wars will love this channel as this is totally devoted to the subject.

This series also looks and gets into in-depth information on franchise main characters, weapons, and diverse backgrounds that the comic book is based on. So fans, hop on to this channel.

8. NerdSync

NerdSync is a great comic book related channel which the students of comic book can learn much about.If you watched it’s video ,it will be like you are in class where comic books are taught.

Besides, the videos are well researched, hilarious, enjoyable, and has a unique take on comics.NerdSyc is a blessing for comic enthusiasts.

9. Russian Comic Book Geek

It is a special and lovely video to watch.In the channel,Russian Comic Book picks up a comic that he likes and gets some ultra talented voice over artists and acts as if they are doing some sort of audio reharsal.

The video editing is fanstatic and matches well with voice over artists so you can feel that comic book chracters are coming to life as they speak.Fans of comics book will enjoy this.

10. Top 10 Nerd

Like What Culture Comics, Top 10, Top Nerd is all about top ten list where videos are made for comic books , anime, movies and many more.

Long time comic book fans will love this channel as it gives valuable information on your favorite comic book characters. The channel uploads video regularly 2 to 3 times a week hosted by several hosts.

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