Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

Wearing a white t-shirt signifies innocence, purity and elegance, as in characterized in Western Civilization, the archaic theme of white color symbolizes with wedding, Angels and Hospital.

Fast forward to the contemporary world, especially when we talk about wearing a white t-shirt the archaic theme still holds true, but practically wearing white color in Kathmandu is a dare. You may ask why? Well, simply because they are difficult to take care and even the tiniest amount of dirt is noticeable.

Nevertheless, white clothes are a relief to the eye, I would say. It also brightens your personality and is easy to style with. You can NEVER go wrong while wearing a white t-shirt.

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Here are few ways to style you can style your white t-shirt with.

1. White T-shirt with Black Pant

This monochromatic combination is one of the most basic, yet the most striking combination. Wearing a white t-shirt as a top and combining it with black pant makes you look stylish and dashing. This combination can be worn at any event whether it be a casual meet up with your friends or attending a party.

Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

A white t-shirt with a black pant worn with a pair of white shoes will make you look elegant and striking. The fresh, cool and clean theme carried by white t-shirt, is further amplified in your overall outlook when you try this monochromatic combo with black pant and white shoes.

2. White T-shirt with Black Pant and Overcoat

Alright, imagine yourself hanging out with your friends. Suddenly your mother calls and says that you all have to attend a party. Now you have to go home, think of a way to an outfit. Simply layer your white t-shirt with an overcoat. Yup, that’s it. Now you are good to go.

Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

Combining your white t-shirt with black pant and an overcoat is the best way of presenting yourself for a formal event. Wearing this combination makes you look mature and full-fledged. Add a pair of party shoes, to enhance this look. Now get ready to get flooded by compliments on your outlook.

3. White T-shirt with Light Blue Pant

The most stylish and fashionable way of wearing a white t-shirt is to pair it with light blue pants. Wearing a white t-shirt is already cool and now pairing it with light blue pant? Much Cooler. This combination shows that you are not afraid to wear light colored clothes, which can easily get dirty.

Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

Now, on the bright side, think of wearing your white t-shirt with light blue jeans with black converse. This combination is my personal favorite and I feel great carrying myself wearing this combination. In other words, this is a sublime piece of an outfit for a combo.

4. White T-shirt with Light Blue Pant and Denim Jacket

Denim has been and is the front face of fashion wear. But you need to know the shade of your jacket and your clothes to get the prime look. With a white t-shirt, you need to pair it with a light-shaded denim jacket. Pairing your white t-shirt with a denim jacket will get you ready for a casual party with friends and also for a date night.

Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

Styling your white t-shirt with a denim jacket will make you look effortlessly cool.

5. White T-shirt with Trousers

Trousers are one comfortable piece of clothing. There are a variety of trousers ranging from joggers to chinos to box trousers and many more. Among these all, I personally love styling my white t-shirt with a pair of box trousers. I feel like box trousers are coming back in the fashion world again.

Trousers are versatile. You can wear them at any type of casual events and for exercises as well. You can go for a run or go cycling with this piece of clothing. It is simple to style as well and goes really well with a white t-shirt.

Tips to Style Your Basic White T-shirt

Choosing a shoe for this style depends on what type of trousers you are wearing. If you are going for a run or any other physical activities, wear a pair of sports shoes otherwise wearing a simple sneaker would do it.

6. White T-shirt with shorts

Shorts are the best piece of clothing for summer. Shorts are worn to choose comfort over protection, from the blazing summer heat. Also styling them with a white t-shirt easily makes you look cool.

If you are really uncomfortable with those jeans and trousers clinging to your skin on a hot summer day, wearing a short will make you cool and comfortable.

White T-shirt

Further, wearing white t-shirt is your best option to escape the heat as white t-shirt absorbs less heat. Now, why shy away from being ‘cool’ when you can wear your shorts with white t-shirt and white sneaker?

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