Tips On Buying Second Hand Car In Nepal

Tips On Buying Second Hand Car In Nepal

Majority of private vehicles in Nepal are referred to as motorcycles. Nevertheless, purchases of cars have risen significantly in recent years. This means that people now want a car that convenient and comfortable in their daily life. Nevertheless, in comparison to other countries, the brand new car in Nepal is very expensive. So for car lovers, they have to lose a lot of their money to get a modern four-wheeler.

At the same time, buyers seeking to buy second-hand cars in the second-hand market. Some of them, are utterly null when it comes to buying second-hand cars. Therefore, we have racked up essential tips that will make it easier and secure for you to purchase your second-hand car.

Paper Works

Ownership transferred requires a bit of paperwork. Therefore while doing paperwork you need to know about several vital things. You have to look at the pre-existing pending loan on the car. If the car was purchased in finance by the previous owner then, you need to have an original invoice of the car and No Objection Certificate from that specific finance company.

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Tips On Buying Second Hand Cars In Nepal

For instance, you also want to have Bi-fuel certification if the car is CNG/LPG fitted as well as Valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

Road Tax Receipts

You have to make sure that the road tax of the car which you are interested to buy has cleared its road tax. Nepalese vehicles’ road tax is varied according to cc and it’s a belonging province. So, in case if the owner has not cleared its road tax, then you can negotiate in offering price.

Rust and Paint Damage

In the process of buying a second-hand car, small rusty and damage spots are not a big deal neither rusty patches are a deal-breaker. You can fix these problems afterward easily. But if the rust and damage spots are larger then perhaps you need to consider another one to buy.

Insurance Paper

You have to evaluate the insurance paper while buying a second-hand car. It will allow you to inspect fully about accidents and claims of the previous owner. Just have a quick overview of the No Claim Bonus(NBC) and remember the high percentage of NBC indicates that the owner has claim for insurance very often.

Tips On How To Buy Second Hand In Nepal

Mileage and Interior Electronic Module

Mileage is an important factor for any kind of Vechile. Meanwhile, on the basis of standard, the average car mileage is about 20,000 miles annually. Meanwhile, some of the few joys of car-owning is hitting the radio as your favorite song comes on.

Tips On How To Buy Second Hand Car IN Nepl

Click any keys, and make sure the cockpit’s stereo and other electronic equipment function properly. Switch on both air conditioning and ventilation.

Engine And Chassis

Every number of vehicle has its own engine number. These numbers are mention in the papers during the registration. So make sure that the engine number of the vechile matches accurately with the chassis number. The matching number of these two makes vechile legal to sell.

Compare The Price

The price of second-hand cars depends on its owner or seller. It’s difficult to know the actual worth of the vechile. Therefore you need to evaluate the price and have to do some research. Don’t get excited by seeing a glossy and shiny outlook of vechile, the thing that matters most is its LOT and engine.

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Transferred Of Insurance Ownership

If you ignore transferring insurance ownership even if you registered a registration certificate (RC) in your name, the policy will still under the privilege of the previous owner. And then the insurance policy of the vechile will declare as nullified legally. So, do your insurance paperwork very carefully.

Carrying Out Complete Mechanical Inspection

If you want to exclude the used car’s unnecessary cost of maintenance so it is a must to take time to provide a complete mechanical inspection.

The best strategy is to check with the aid of a professional mechanic. And if you’ve got some professional mechanic in your family or friend’s circle then take his / her support.

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