Tips to Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Feel Special on This Teej

Tips to Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Feel Special on This Teej

Teej is the most important festival for women in Nepal on which they water fast to invoke Lord Shiva for the long life of their husbands/partners. Women make their men feel special on the day and their bond grows stronger.
As the woman takes such efforts, the Husband/boyfriend should do some special stuff as well which will make her day even more special and memorable.

Some of the things which husband/boyfriend can do:

It is known that women are fond of shopping and moreover she wants to be all decked up for Teej. What can be more special than wearing a red attire of her man’s choice on the day? That one day of strolling in the by-lanes of new-road or Mangalbazar with your lady to find drape of her choice is sure to make her feel special.

2. Dar and Teej are almost synonyms. All woman loves elaborate Dar and would love to have a small gathering of her loved ones. Boys, why not take the responsibility of organizing most of the event on your own so that she can just chill out for the evening carefree without having to bother about arrangements and cleaning the after-mess.

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3. It is not a cakewalk to water fast for 24 long hours for most women. She expects her man to realize her hardship. You can join the fast too along with her if possible. Trust me, This will overwhelm her knowing that you too pray for her longevity as much as she does.

Tips to Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Feel Special on This Teej

5. You can also arrange a small gathering of her loved ones including some dancing and singing sessions or arrange a movie time together so that she does not feel the heat of hunger.

6. Hunger is at its peak while breaking the fast after 24 long hours. She would love to have a meal of her choice without going through the hassle of preparing it. You can cook a fast-break meal for her and order some of her favorite delicacies. Your lady will be content with the food and pleased with your effort.

Tips to Make Your Wife/Girlfriend Feel Special on This Teej

7. Most special you can make her feel by letting her know how much you value her effort on Teej and in your life. It is not material gifts that matter the most but your emotions mean a lot to her. Therefore be a little vocal as sometimes you need to express what you feel about her. Every woman likes that little old school romance no matter how grown up and practical she appears to be. You can make some hand- made card and pen down your emotion and slip it under her pillow for her to read on the fast-breaking morning.
All the boys buckle up and do one or more of the above to make her feel special. And gain some brownie points from your lady love.

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