Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

Ever craved for a thousand different food items as you scroll down your Instagram feed? It is pretty frustrating to not get what you want so badly, especially something as holy as food. Don’t worry though, that’s where food delivery apps come in. Food at your doorsteps, anywhere, anytime. Ooooh, sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

The growth of food delivery application users over the last few years have been extraordinary in Nepal. Mainly due to convenience, people are ordering more and more from their favorite restaurants. Here, we have compiled a list of 5 (+1) best food delivery apps for you to satisfy your cravings for the day.


Foodmandu App's image

The oldest food delivery app in Nepal has still got it! Launched in 2010, Foodmandu continues to deliver great service with great food.10 years of experience shows in it’s intricately designed website and user-friendly application. You can filter by location or cuisine or both,  whatever suits you. Food delivery rates are dependent on the amount of food as well as the price of your order. You can track your food and they also show a little about the hopes and dreams of the person delivering your order which I find really nice. Service is fast and delivery persons usually come right to your location without you having to go through the frustrating process of describing it.

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  • Minimum order: Rs 400 (without VAT/ tax and excluding delivery)
  • Delivery charges:  Generally Rs 50- Rs 100
  • Personal service rating: 4.5/5


Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

Bhojdeals is foodmandu’s closest competitor in Nepali food delivery space. It has a few advantages over the former, the main one being no minimum food price limit. If you’re a little short on cash, you can order cheaper food here. But if you’re feeling a little extravagant, Bhoj offers free delivery for orders above Rs 1000, unlike foodmandu. 

Bhoj has a wider array of cheaper restaurant choices, while foodmandu is geared towards more of the elite brands. Bhoj lets you track your order too but the food delivery service is less lackluster compared to foodmandu. One unique feature of Bhoj is Bhojwallet. You get a little bonus every time you order food, which you can in turn use to order more food later on.

  • Minimum order: No limit!
  • Delivery charges: Rs 100 (free for orders above Rs 1000)
  • Personal service rating: 4/5

Bhok lagyo

Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

You know those times when you’re about to sleep but suddenly want good food at like 1 am? Worry not, Bhok Lagyo is here for you. Bhok lagyo delivers from 4 am – 4 pm, allowing you to satisfy your midnight cravings. 

Unlike the previous two services, bhok lagyo provides food in-house, not from client restaurants. This means that the menu is comparatively small, but it includes the basics of nepali cravings— pizza, momo, chillies, chowmeins, burgers and so on. If you want a fusion, they let you customize your food (add extra spices, extra patties, stuff like that). You can order online or call them directly. They don’t have a mobile application as of yet, but it still made the list because of its unique night delivery feature.

  • Minimum order: Rs 500
  • Delivery Charges: Rs 100
  • Personal service rating: 3.5/5

Tato Mitho

Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

A relatively new app, Tatomitho is the underdog of the list. Compared to other food delivery apps, Tatomitho provides a wider range of offers on food, pushing down the price if you’re lucky enough. Here too, you can filter by cuisine, location and rating. The app does contain some bugs owing to the fact that it’s relatively new, but they are bound to be fixed with time. 

Tatomitho has neither a minimum order limit nor delivery charges, the latter being its defining feature. Delivery is free for all price ranges. If you want a quick bite for cheap prices then this is the app for you!

  • Minimum order: No limit!
  • Delivery Charges: Rs 0
  • Personal service rating: 4/5

Food mario

Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

Food mario is another unique platform that makes our list of food delivery apps. It combines food delivery with the warmth and intricacies of home-made food. Instead of having restaurants as clients, foodmario employs chefs from home. This doesn’t stop them from providing variety in cuisine though. You can choose from chefs cooking any type of cuisine and filter by it in the application. Since, it’s homemade, you can expect a superior attention to details, taste and ultimately, food that leaves you speechless.

Foodmario is a great way to support up and coming chefs as well as to get a personal touch from professional chefs. If you want love in your food, this is the app for you.

  • Minimum Order: No limit!
  • Deliver Charges: Rs 100
  • Personal service rating: 4/5


Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal: Apps to Fulfill Your Cravings From Bed

If you want a drink to go with your food, this app is for you. We included this in he list because it is the only dedicated drink-delivery app in Nepal. Maybe you feel classy and want a whiskey. Or maybe you’re more of a fruit juice kind of person. Cheers is here for you. 

It delivers pre-made products which is why we don’t call it a food delivery app, but it is still super helpful when you feel like pairing your food with an appropriate drink. Keep in mind though that this is more of an adult- geared app and delivers alcohol as well as tobacco products so make sure to keep it out of your child’s eye. 

  • Minimum Order: Rs 1500
  • Delivery charges: Rs 0
  • Personal service rating: 4.5/5

Be it due to the pandemic, due to weird midnight cravings or just general inclination to eating at home, food delivery apps are a great way for foodies to “expand their network”, so to say. The food delivery apps mentioned above have consistently received good reviews and every one of them provides unique services in their own right. Pick the one for you and let’s fill that belly up foodies!

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