7 Common Anchoring Mistakes You Should Never Do

7 Common Anchoring Mistakes You Should Never Do
To be the best anchor, you must avoid making these common mistakes. 

Anchoring often looks simple but it requires time and lots of practice.

Anchoring is one of the best professions one can choose that brings money to your pocket. It is a respectable and entertaining job, isn’t it? Look at Kapil Sharma!!!! How he is loved and how much he earns!!!

Let me repeat again, anchoring often looks simple but it requires lots of time, practice and dedication.

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And if you are someone either professional or beginner- you must never ever make these common silly mistakes in stage anchoring.

So, let’s know what they are:

Common Mistakes You Must Never In Anchoring

Here is the list of the top 7 mistakes you must never make in stage anchoring:

1. Never Ever get Over-friendly

7 Common Anchoring Mistakes You Should Never Do

Be courteous, Smile often, and Be friendly but avoid being over-friendly.

Maintain a proper suitable distance between you and your audience. If you get over-friendly, they might treat you casually and in the worst case underestimate you or disrespect you.

So, be friendly but in a formal way. It’s necessary to make your audience or guest feel comfortable but just remember not to get personally involved with them.

2. Never Ever be Visible to the Audience

Firs impression is the last impression. Do you agree?

Imagine a scenario, you are standing and scribbling on the paper looking tensed and your audience sees you before an even, not as an anchor but as someone who looks tensed.

Now when you make a grand entry to the stage, you cannot engrave an impression in your audience’s mind.

So, never ever be visible to an audience before the event. Hide well and make a grand entry on the stage to WOW!!! your audience.

3. Never Ever Mis-pronounce the Name

Something as an anchor you must bear in your mind is to never ever mispronounce the names. Be it of clients, participants, guests or anyone whom you are going to invite on the stage, always make sure you pronounce their name correctly.

Mispronouncing the name is a blunder, you must never make. It can even end your career to an extent case.

How to avoid it?

You can go and ask your client/ participant to help you with pronouncing their name correctly. This saves you from later trouble.

4. Never Ever Disrespect the Co-Anchor

7 Common Anchoring Mistakes You Should Never Do

Making fun of one another while hosting a show/event in a light manner can be entertaining to the audience. But never ever cross the limitation. Don’t take your personal grudges on the stage in front of your audience. You must know how to apart personal life from professional life.

So, never ever make fun of or disrespect the co-anchor/host. Doing so can make your audience feel uncomfortable.

5. Never Ever Make Jokes than Can Hurt Others Sentiment

7 Common Anchoring Mistakes You Should Never Do

Do you remember Will Smith’s Oscar Scandal?

You don’t? Lemme share you then. Will Smith slapped an anchor named Chris Rock for making fun of his wife while hosting an Oscar award function.

Jokes are important. But make sure, your jokes won’t hurt the sentiment of your guest or performer. It may not be as severe as Will Smith’s case but it will surely hurt the sentiment of the person you are making fun of.

So, never make any jokes which can hurt the sentiment of others.

6. Never Ever Make an Aloof/Worried Face

Always smile to show your audience that you are calm and confident about what you are saying.

Vibes can be transferred. So, if you make a boring and aloof face, your audience going feel bored and they will start yawning.

Never ever make an aloof/worried face in stage anchoring.

7. Never Ever Talk too Fast

Work on your pauses so that you don’t end up running out of breath. Talk at a steady pace. Make sure to pronounce every word correctly.

Work on your fluency either. It will help you to leave a good impression on your audience.


7 Common Anchoring Mistakes You Should Never Do

If you are going to do anchoring for the event, then these are the common mistakes that you must never ever make.

Following these tips is going to help you to be a more professional anchor.

We hope you enjoy reading our article on the topic Common Mistakes You Must Never In Anchoring.

Thank You!!! for reading it till the end. Keep Loving us!! Keep Supporting us!!

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