Sel: 5 Steps of Recipe for Sincere and Religious Food

Sel: 5 Steps of Recipe for Sincere and Religious Food

As the hand spins around making the shape of that Sel, everyone will remember back to the days of their childhood curiosity. Curious eyes watching their mother preparing for Tihar. Oh, the Nostalgia of Sel!

This classic memorable dish has a place of importance of its own. To remind us back of those times, cooking it ourselves for once is a must.

Sel Cooking Recipe

How to Prepare Sel?

Preparing this golden work of art, Not just the ingredient but the process of frying it to the perfection of taste and shape should all be a term of focus.

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Ingredients for Sel

Ingredients Sel
  • Rice 2 Kg
  • Ghee/Butter 125 gm
  • Water- A glass
  • Sugar- 125 gm( Can be arranged as your sweet tongue asks for it)
  • Semolina Flour – 125 gm
  • Oil/Ghee- 1 Litre
sel recipe process

Round and Golden dish that mortal and Immortal all love to the core.

Step 1 Grind into those pieces

Sel flour mixing

Prepare rice with water and leave it for more than 8 hours.
After it is ready add the rice, sugar, soda, a little bit of water, and grind it all to fine pieces.

Step 2 Readying the Batter

Sel flour mixture batter

Taking it in a big bowl, add some flour to make it thicker.

Cover the mixture and leave it for more than half an hour to help it take its texture with time.

Step 3 Heat and Ready

sel in hot oil recipe

After you are ready with the mixture, heat the oil in a pan. Get it to the max temperature.

Step 4 Show of Skill set

sel cooking recipe steps

Now take the batter mixture and arrange it in a way that you can make a circle shape of it.

People do it by hand if they are experienced. If not, you can use tools like a bottle or a plastic milk packet.

Step 5 Cook it Golden

Sel: 5 Steps of Recipe for Sincere and Religious Food

The shape of the sel is set in the oil as it fries, wait for it to turn a bit brown, and turn it on the other side.
Wait until it looks crispy and golden in the color with a perfectly cooked and fried one.
And take it out.

Step 6 Repeat

Sel Cooking Recipe Nepali food

Repeat the process for a few more of these and then you are ready.

Before You End This Article

Sel recipe

Cooking and serving this dish of plain historic memories is a fun experience to do with your family. Making those fond memories for your little ones and for the quality time. Cook it and serve it with pickle or gravy. Or the best way, Dip it in that tea or fry it black and red for that crunch.

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