Rani Mahal: Gem of Palpa

Rani Mahal: Gem of Palpa

It’s a detail that amazes you. It’s a size that amazes you. But ultimately it is a beautiful story that is most amazing. The Rani Mahal is a symbol of love, commissioned by the Khadga Shamsher for his youngest wife names Tej Kumari.

The Rani Mahal located at the Palpa of Nepal is also referred to as the “Taj Mahal of Nepal”. The structure doesn’t resemble the famous Taj Mahal but the story behind making this palace is similar. This beautiful palace is built at the bank of the Kali Gandaki River in 1893. But, now this palace had become a beautiful touristic destination.

Rani Mahal: Gem of Palpa

Beautiful Story Behind Making Rani Mahal

In 1887 General Khadga Shamsher Rana was forced to flee the honorable titles and transferred to Palpa as Western Commander in Chief of Nepal. In 1892 his beloved youngest wife is dying and her last wish is to build Palace in her memory.

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After the death of the youngest wife, he searched several locations for the perfect place to build.  He found the place but at that time it was a dense forest and no place to reach there other than by foot. With his willpower and dedication, he was able to make the area suitable for the palace.

After the location is confirmed, he hired the best architect from the British who was living in India. Then he chooses the builders from the Palpa army. It takes about four years to complete this beautiful palace. 

In 1902, the whole family left the palace and went to India. There is no exact reason but the palace left abandoned less than 20 years after completion. By the end of the 20th century, the Rani Mahal had worsened. Now, the government has taken the task of restoring this palace to its original glory.

Rani Mahal: Gem of Palpa

How to go There

Rani Mahal is located 18 km north of Tansen, Palpa. Now, there is a motorable road to visit this palace. It takes about half an hour to reach this palace from Tansen. You can also visit Public vehicles from Tansen Narayansthan. Hiking lover can also walk from Kailashnagar near Batasedanda which is about 3 km from Tansen leads to Rani Mahal. It takes about 3-4 hours of hike to reach the palace.

By Bus

The local bus goes daily at 2:00 PM from Narayansthan which will charge you about 100 per person. If you are going by the local bus then you have to walk 25 minutes to reach there. 

You can also hire a jeep from Tansen Bazar. You can also find a jeep from, Amar Narayan Temple, for about 140 rupees. The jeep will leave daily around 2:30 PM but you can go early to reserve the jeep. If you contact the driver, the same jeep will take you back in the following morning at 8:30 AM.

Rani Mahal: Gem of Palpa


You can also hike the same route which jeep takes to reach there. From Tansen the trail is downhill. If you decide to hike, it is best to hike there and come back from the jeep.


There are some very basic hotels and camping sites near this palace. You can camp on the bank of the Kali Gandaki River. There are limited hotels so you can call early to know if the hotel is available or not. You can call the Rani Mahal Resort to check the room availability. There is no internet service in hotels and low cell services too. They charge you about 600 to 650 for one room.

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