The Population Of Nepal In 2022

The Population Of Nepal In 2022

According to the census conducted from November 11 to November 25, the population of Nepal is calculated at 29,192,480. The total population of Nepal also includes the population of Kala Pani, Lipulekh, and Limpiyadhura. The Population Density of nepal is 198 People per Sq KM.

Growth rate of population of Nepal

The Population Of Nepal In 2022

In the last 10 years, the population of Nepal has been increased by 10.18% as it was 26,494,504 in 2011. Based on the Census preliminary data population grew by an average of 0.93% annually, which is the slowest growth in the last 90 years. In the last six decades, the country saw over two percent population growth in the first four decades. But in the last two decades, the population growth had started to decrease significantly since the 2011 census, according to the bureau’s records.

The lower growth rate of the population is due to the decrease in the birth rate. Official data show that the fertility rate of Nepali women has been declining over the years. According to Nepal demographic health survey 2016, the latest such survey, Nepal’s fertility rate stood at 2.3 per woman, down from 2.6 per woman in 2011. The fertility rate of Nepali women has been on a downward trend since 1996 when the per woman fertility rate was as high as 4.6, according to the survey.

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Population of nepal

The Population Of Nepal In 2022

According to the census of 2022, there are more females than males as 51.04% of the total population are female and 48.96% are male. The current female population in Nepal is 14,901,169 and male is 14,291,311. There are 6 lakhs more females than males according to the census.

Geographically, terai covers most of the population. It covers 53.66% of the overall population. There has been a significant decrease in the hilly region as most people are migrating toward the Terai region for better facilities. Hilly region covers 40.27 % of the population which is a lot lesser than in 2011 i.e 43.01%. As for the mountain region, 6.09% of people live there down from 6.73% 10 years ago.

Province-wise Madhes province has the most population as it covers the 20.99% of the population and Karnali province has the least population of 5.81%. 

Population according to the province:


There are around 67.6 lakh families that live in Nepal. According to the new census, the average size of a family in 2021 stood at 4.32 members, down from 4.88 members earlier. The size of the family is highest in Madhesh province i.e 5.66 and lowest in Gandaki province 3.66. On average 12 family lives in 10 houses.

Kathmandu has the highest population whereas Manang has the lowest population. There are more than 20 lakh people in Kathmandu and more than 5000 in the Manang district.

The country has a total of 753 local governments. There are six metropolitan cities, 11 sub-metropolitan cities, 276 municipalities, and 460 rural municipalities across the country. Some of the most populated municipalities are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bharatpur, Lalitpur & Birgunj Metropolitan respectively. 

According to the bureau, as many as 2,169,478 Nepalis were living abroad most of the time as per the new census. Ten years ago, a total of 1,921,494 people were living abroad most of the time. Most of the people living abroad are male about 81.28%. As per the latest census, though the number of Nepali women abroad is far lower than the number of men, there has been a rise of 71.09 percent in migrated Nepali women in 2021 compared to 2011.


Nepal has been Conducting a census since 1911 every 10 years to keep track of the population of Nepal. the population growth rate in Nepal is less than the average growth rate of the population globally. The global average annual growth rate is 1.01 percent whereas Nepal’s annual growth rate is 0.93%.

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