6 Places Where You Have To Wait in A Line For A Long Time

6 Places Where You Have To Wait in A Line For A Long Time

Waiting in a long line is so frustrating…..isn’t it?

Have you ever had to wait in a very long line just to have your simple work done?

Be it in a bank or Be it in a Vehicle trail center.

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Be it in a Government health center, or Be it in a passport office.

There is a never-ending line. It’s heartbreaking to even see people waiting in such a long line. Now to have to wait is so frustrating and irritating. You can empathize with me, I know because in Nepal there rarely might be anyone who hasn’t had to wait in a line.

The world’s officially entered into the digital era. Accessibility at the touch of a button, on your cell phone, is proof of the statement. From utility bills to flight tickets, the online system has them all. Nepal is also adopting digitization in commerce, as well as government sectors.

However, contrary to the efficient usage of digital practices in private sectors, not all government offices have succeeded in systematizing the process- compelling the use of the traditional method of manual data-keeping. The Nepali government process requires service seekers to allocate an entire workday to collect the necessary signatures of concerned officials on their documents.

Places Where You Have To Wait In A Line

As we all know we have to wait in a queue for doing our work from the private offices to the government offices. In the private offices, they have started a token system so it’s somewhat systematic to even wait in a long queue. But in government offices waiting systems are well not managed, there is no token system in most government offices. People should wait a long time in a queue.

So, here is the list of places where you have to wait in a long line:

1. Passport Office

line in passport office

Passport Office is the most crowded place where we have to wait for a very long time in line to have our work done. Nowadays passport offices are overcrowded: The reason is the reopening of international borders and the increased flow of Nepalese students to foreign universities after a long pandemic and lockdown.

The Department is still in a transitional phase after it moved from machine-readable passports to e-passports. Also, many people have received the newly-introduced national ID cards and they are queuing to get new passports.

Many students going to study abroad and people going on working visas in foreign countries come to make passports.

2. No Objection Certificate


In Nepal, another crowded place where we have to wait in line is the No Objection Office. Students going to study abroad compulsory requires a No Objection Certificate to get admission to foreign colleges and Universities. In the NOC office, there is always a long line which is covered by youth going to study higher education abroad.

3. Vehicle License Office


In Nepal, another place where we have to wait in a long line for our turn is the Vehicle license office. People have to stand in a long line to complete their work. After filling out the form, people have to submit the form in the office on a given visit date for further process. People stay from midnight in line just to complete their work.

4. Banks

line in bank

Although the access to digital wallets, mobile banking, and internet banking is gradually increasing, the tradition of waiting for a long time in a queue for the completion of our work in the bank is still the same. Mobile applications can play an important role in queue management.

If banks can come up with applications that will help customers select the date, timing, and purpose of their bank visit, then queue management in banks will be easier. For depositing cash, and cash withdrawals people have to wait for a long time. While receiving the old-age allowance, the time people have to wait is very despairing and tiring.

5. Airport


Another crowded place where you have to wait in long lines in Nepal is the airport. The airport is always filled with people. People arriving from foreign, departing from Nepal, and people visiting the airport make the airport a very crowded and busy place.

At present Nepal has only one international airport which is the main reason why people have to wait in line for a long time and the other reason is poor management. Soon another international airport is opening, which is great hope for us in queue management.

6. Vehicle Trial Center

6 Places Where You Have To Wait in A Line For A Long Time

Another place where one has to wait in line for a long duration is the vehicle trial center. There is a huge line while giving vehicle trial exams. In some trial centers, one has to wait while practicing also before giving a trial exam.


Authority should manage a line in a well mannered. So that one shouldn’t have to wait in line for a long time. The token system should be used in every government office and private office.

Most of the work should be done online by the government offices and private offices. So, that there will be no lines and crowds.


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