Places to Visit in Taplejung

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Taplejung is located in the northeastern part of Nepal, the Tamur River flows through the district. The name Taplejung is derived from the words “Taple” which means medieval Limbu king and “Jung” means fort. Which means Fort of King Taple. It is situated at 27°21’0N 87°40’0E. Taplejung district is the home word’s highest mountain Mt. Kanchenjunga (8,586 m). Tapleung is one of the beautiful districts in eastern Nepal, with spectacular landscapes, mountains, and diverse flora and fauna. Alpine grassland, rocky outcrops, subtropical forests, and dense temperature and beautiful valleys make this region amazing. This region has a wide variation of altitude with 670 meters lowest to 8,786 meters highest above sea level. Walkthrough green hills, rhododendron forest, remote village, and discover unique culture to this region. So, there are many best Places to Visit in Taplejung.

The main inhabitant on Taplejung is Limbu, Sherpa, Gurung, and Magars at a higher region while Brahmins and Chhertiis at lower regions. Sherpa people from Taplejung have arrived from Tibet more than 400 years ago. These Sherpas have a dissimilar culture and ritual from those in Solukhumbu District in the Sagarmatha region. The representations of the cultural inheritance are monasteries, chhortens, temples, and prayer walls. And to add the quality, the festivals of all of these people living in equanimity only assist to make the native culture more exciting.

Here is the list of Best Places to Visit in Taplejung.:

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1. Pathibhara Devi Temple

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Pathibhara Temple is the most significant temples in Nepal with an altitude of 3,794 meters. This temple is one of the major attractions of Taplujung which is the best place for spiritual fulfillment and blessings. Devotees from many parts of Nepal as well as India come to this temple to worship Pathibhara Devi. According to them, it is believed that a pilgrimage to the temple ensures the fulfillment of pilgrims’ wishes. Trekking to this holy ground of Pathibhara will reward you with a mesmerizing view of mountains and unique cultural experiences. On the way up, one can discover myriad species of rhododendron.

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) is the third highest peak in the world, is highly glaciated, and cradles 5 major glacial systems in Nepal and India. This Kanchenjangha Base Camp Trek begins from tropical lowland which offers you stunning rhododendron forest and beautiful villages of east Nepal. The trail starts from 1,200m and climbs up to 5,180m above sea level. The trek meanders through Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, managed by local communities in association with WWF, which is a sparsely populated area in Nepal. Endangered wildlife such as snow leopard, red panda, vulnerable Himalayan bear, clouded leopard and assumes macaque resides at a pristine forest, alpine meadows, and wetlands of this region. This is a completely camping trek where one gets an insight into various cultures, traditions,s and the incredible views of lofty mountains.

There are more than 400 bird species, some of which are extremely rare. Then, of course, there are the mountains, Makalu, Everest, Lhotse, and Chhamlang that form a stunning backdrop at the head of the Barun Valley. This is an extremely rewarding trek that remains largely untouched by tourism. It is definitely one for the connoisseur of wild places

3. Kanchenjunga National Park

Places to Visit in Taplejung

The conservation area is immensely decorated with natural beauty and offers some adventurous, some cultural, and natural beauty. The name ‘Kanchenjunga’ stands for crystal clear in Nepali. It comprises the most stunning views and wonderful sceneries. The landscapes of the Kanchenjunga region is astounding. Moreover, traditional farming practices and agriculture is the way of living in this area. In the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, the mixed community of Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, and Gurung people inhibits. Their cultural values are other major parts to explore. In this national Park, the area represents a high mountain physiographic region with 65 % of its area are covered by rocks and ice. The remaining 35% is covered by forests 14.1%. shrubland 10.1%, Grassland 9.2% and Agricultural land 1.6%. As the original settlers of the Upper Tamar Valley, the Limbu are the dominant ethnic group in the lower regions. 

4. Olangchunga Gola

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Traveling in the Olangchung Gola is moderately exhausting since the area is viewed as the most far off the spot of Nepal. This place offers an unending assortment of scenes, societies, and all-encompassing perspectives on the Himalayas. Rambling on the swamps of Nepal passing terraced fields, bright towns, green timberlands, this trip goes into an edge line of rhododendron and increases height as we reach Olangchung Gola(Walungchung Gola). Effectively probably the best spot in this district – Olangchung Gola is a remarkable high valley that is dazzling both in view and culture.

5. Lumba Sumba Trekking

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Lumba Sumba Trekking is one of the newly opened trekking routes eastern part of Nepal. The major attraction of this trek is the peak (5200m). Offering some of the most stunning Himalayan landscapes, this trekking route is home to different ethnic groups like the Limbus, Sherpa, Rai Gurung, Magar, Newar, and Tamangs. Its trekking runs through the Kanchenjunga region in the eastern Himalayas. Trekkers can find out the traditional farming practices and see optional birds as well as wildlife species, including the endangered snow leopard and red panda, through the route. There are a number of high Himalayas lakes in the Olangchung Gola border of Nepal and China. Through this trekking, we discover two of Nepal’s best-preserved areas- the Kanchenjunga conversation area and the Makalu Barun National park. By this trekking area, we can also trek to the base camp of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Makalu.

Likewise, the Tamor and Arun river edge can be the next attraction for you. These two rivers are the main tributaries of the mighty Sapta Koshi River. The way encompasses alpine grasslands, rocky outcrops, and dense temperate and subtropical forests as well as low river valleys. Besides natural beauty, trekkers can see cultural heritage like monasteries, the stupa, temples, and prayer flags.

6. Tamur River

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Tamur River is one of Nepal’s current rivers open for rafting plus kayaking. It certainly lives up to its name, “The Jewel in the East”. This sparkling river welcomes its waters from the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga, the third-highest peak in the world. It straddles Nepal’s border in the east. The river itself is located by trekking on one of the most beautiful trails in Nepal flourishing views of Everest, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga, naturally breathtaking. The spotless and barely inhabited environments of this river make for an extraordinary trip. The best combination trip in Nepal: magnificent white water, a beautiful pure valley, combined with one of the most spectacular treks in Nepal.

Above Dobhan, the Tamur and it’s tributaries have a steep gradient and are probably only of interest to expedition kayakers. Down streams from Dobhan, the gradient is more reasonable, but the river profile is unusual in that the river is steeper in the last 30 km before it’s confluence with the Sun Koshi. The Kabeli river adds about a quarter to the volume of the river, but from here down there are no principal tributaries.

7. Fung Funge waterfalls

Places to Visit in Taplejung

Fung Funge waterfall is one of the most excellent falls of eastern Nepal. It is additionally enrolled in the best 100 vacationer locations for Nepal visit year 2020 and is viewed as the longest normal falls of Nepal. Its tremendous excellence is the must-see things in Taplejung.

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