Do You Want To Visit Panch Pokhari – The Closest Heaven From Kathmandu? Here’s What It Takes

Do You Want To Visit Panch Pokhari – The Closest Heaven From Kathmandu? Here’s What It Takes

Panch Pokhari is the group of five lakes in the Nepali language. This place has recently opened in 2012 in the northeast of Kathmandu. It takes you to the base of the Jugal Himal and the highest altitude of this trek is 4,100 meters. This lake is the 9th Highest altitude wetland in the world which is located in the Sindhupalchowk District of Nepal. This holy lake is a popular destination in Janai Purnima (Full Moon Day of August) for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.

Panch pokhari

This delightful adventure trek passes through Langtang National Park, thundering waterfall, traditional village, and mesmerizing white peaks. The unforgettable moment of this trek is witnessing the glacial lake and looking around the rolls and folds on the earth’s surface.

Panch Pokhari

This trial is still unexplored and not so popular, so you may have much of the trail to yourself. Not only the natural attraction but you can also see the rich culture village and hospitable local peoples as you will be passing through many Tamang villages.

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Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari is both camping or teahouse trekking upon your personal interest. At someplace you can also see homestay facility which is good because you can witness local culture from near.

Panch Pokhari

If you want different experiences then you can do camping too. Camping helps you to release the attachment from normal boring life and lost yourself in the mountains.

Trek Highlights

Panch Pokhari
  • Mesmerizing views of Rolwaling, Jugal Himal, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Kanchenjunga.
  • Less crowd trail with moderate difficulty resulting in perfect for beginner trekkers.
  • Dip into the soul-cleansing sacred lake of Panch Pokhari at the height of 4,100 m.
  • Camp under the open sky full of stars and surrounding mountain peaks
  • Oak, Juniper, and rhododendron forest on the way to the lake.
Panch Pokhari

Best Weather to Visit Panch Pokhari

Panch Pokhari

If you are trekking for the mesmerizing view, then the appropriate season is most to make your trek remarkable.

Autumn season (September to November) and Spring season (March to May) are the best seasons to visit Panch Pokhari. You can witness amazing mountain peaks, clear sky with amazing flowers decorating the forest.

Panch Pokhari

During the Monsoon season (June to August), the weather is normal. You can see the mountains and clear sky depends upon your luck and if you love wildflower then it is the best season to travel to Panch Pokhari.

If you are an adventure lover, then you can choose the Winter season (December to February) because the trails will cover with snow with extreme cold.

Tentative Itinerary With Day to Day Price

Panch Pokhari
Day 01: Kathmandu to Chhimti – 6 hours of drive through Bhotechaur and Melamchi, and trek to Deurali – 2 hours

Your trek starts with about 6 hours wild off-road which starts from Jorpati, Narayantar Bus Park. The bus will take you to the Chimti which is the last station for the trek. The bus fare is about Rs. 500 to 600 for one way. If you are coming from bike then Chhimti is the last point and you have to walk here.

After the bus stop in Chhimti, warm-up walk to Deurali which takes you around 2 hours. On the way to Deurali as your cross the suspension bridge there is some beautiful rhododendron forest that is welcoming you. After the final 1 hour’s uphill trail you will reach Deurali. Overnight at Deurali. There is almost a shared dorm-type hall and they charge you around Rs. 400 to 450 per head for lodging and basic food.

Day 02: Deurali to Nasim Pati (5 hours of trek)

Today, early morning we wake up and have breakfast, and be ready to trek. Before you leave the hotel please ask the contact numbers of the above hotels as there is a limited number of hotels. As you start your trek, the path is full of greenery, pastures, and gravel trails. As you start to incline the weather starts to change because of the high altitude. The trail was amazing as you will witness beautiful multi-color rhododendrons like pink, white and red. As you reach higher there is less human influence and you will immerse fully in nature. Today most of the trek is up-slope and you can only find down-slop in three to four tracks.

As you reach Nasim Pati you can see a few temporary shelters which will not be available in winters. You can find a special drink on the way called “Jhwai Khatte” (wine made locally by frying rice grain in hot ghee and pouring alcohol). We recommend you drink at your own risk because for non-experience trekkers you may suffer from high altitude. Overnight at Nasim Pati. The price of lodging is about Rs. 500 to 600 per person. And the bowel of noodle soup costs Rs. 60.

Day 03: Nasim Pati to Panchpokhari and go to the viewpoint and return to Chhimti (5-6 hours of the trek)
Panch Pokhari

As you cross Nasim Pati the trail will be a little adventurous because of the steep hill with unstable stones to step upon. You can find many ups and downs which drains your energy very fast until you reach Lauribina. According to locals, Lauribina is named because from there the trail is easy and you don’t need a stick to walk from that point. Further, the trial is down-hill and straight until you reach Panch Pokhari. As you reach Panch Pokhari you forgot all your suffering and obstacle during the trek. This beautiful heaven is decorated with high altitude lakes, landscapes, and white dazzling peaks. From the hotel, it takes 1 hour to reach the biggest lake.

Panch Pokhari

Don’t forget to take paddy grains while you are visiting Panch Pokhari Temple. According to the myth, many times ago hunter came to hunt here and he didn’t find anything. So, he returned angrily because he didn’t find anything to eat. As he returns back there was full of paddy plant. He was amazed to see the paddy plant at that altitude. So, people started to offer paddy to Panch Pokhari Temple.

Panch Pokhari means the group of five lakes and you can see the five beautiful lakes there. The name of those five lakes are:

  • Bhairab Kunda
  • Saraswati Kunda
  • Ganesh Kunda
  • Surya Kunda
  • Naag Kunda

After some hangout in the lake, we will be back to Chhimti. You can stop for lunch at Nasim Pati which will take you about 3 hours of trek. The price for basic Dal Bhat is Rs. 250 each. After lunch, we will trek back to the same beautiful trail to Chhimti which takes about 4 hours from Nasim Pati. Overnight at PanchPokari. The price of lodging at Panch Pokhari is about Rs. 700 to 800 including food and lodging.

Day 04: Back to Kathmandu
Panch Pokhari

The next day, a bus will leave directly to Kathmandu from Chhimti Bus Park at 8 AM


At Bhotang NTC and NCELL works well. But, in Chhimti and Deurali only CDMA phones works. You can get contacts through hotels or shops in CDMA. NTC tower works occasionally on the way up to Deurali after crossing Suspension Bridge. You can try from your phone; it all depends upon your luck. At some part of Nasimpati, you can find a tower of NCELL and NTC occasionally.

Tentative Cost for Panch Pokhari

TransportationBy BusBy Jeep Total
 500*2 way = Rs.1000 12000 for one way (Maximum 7 seats) = Rs.2000 each * 2 ways= Rs.4000   
 Day 01Day 02Day 03Day 04 
LodgingRs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs.500Rs. 2,000
Food B,L,D: Rs.500B,L,D: Rs.500B,L,D: 500B,L,D: Rs.500Rs. 2,000
Hiking StuffsTrekking BagsCloths and BootsFirst AidsOthers 
 Rs. 4000 (45L)Rs. 9-10000Rs.1000Rs. 2000Rs. 17,000
Note: B,L,D denotes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

On average one can visit Panch Pokhari with around Nepali 8000 rupees besides hiking stuff.

Our Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, before leaving Deurali always ask for contact information about the hotel. So, that you can be sure about the hotel availability and rates. The teahouse hotel will only provide you basic Dal Bhat, Bed, and Blankets. So, you can bring a mattress and sleeping bags if you want more warm sleep. If you are going in winter or monsoon the seasonal hotel may not be available so the tent is compulsory. But if you are traveling from April to May and September to October then you will find a hotel.

Panch Pokhari

On the way you can also see the Yaks, don’t go nearby them as it may be dangerous. Be careful while you are picking Rhododendron in steep places. You may fall to the hills and cause fatal injury or even worst. Always remain on the track and don’t choose shortcuts while you are trekking.

Panch Pokhari

Don’t pack your bags heavy: If you want potters for your backpack then you can find local potters around Bhotang or Chhimti who will charge you according to the weight ranging from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500. But you should be responsible for their food and accommodation.

Panch Pokhari

Better not to smoke and drink while you are at high altitude. There will be a high chance of altitude sickness if you are drunk or smoke frequently.

Always carry First-Aid kits like bandages and anklets while you are trekking. Bring acetazolamide 250 mg or Diamox or Zolamide to prevent altitude sickness.

During the trek with friends, don’t compete with fellow travelers. You should always walk at your own pace otherwise it may lead to high altitude sickness.

Packing Lists

Panch Pokhari

This is the most confusing part while you are preparing for the trek. So, here is the answer to make your mind prepare while you are packing during the trek. We also want to inform you that, feel free to inspired but keep in mind that every person may not have the same choice. So, the list provided to you is only for reference only.

  1. Trekking Bags
  2. Footwear
  3. Clothing
  4. Sleeping bags
  5. Sleeping pads
  6. Trekking poles
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Camera
  9. Pocket Knife
  10. First Aid Kit and Hygiene
  11. Cash Money
  12. Some snacks and chocolates

We didn’t mention the specific brands because as we said everyone has their own choices. So you can go to the Thamel, there you can find many trekking gears according to your budget.

For more detailed information please read our blog Packing “Travel Gear for Nepal

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