Any musician in Nepal will tell you that it is very very difficult to come across a good music store. I can confirm that Nepal grossly lags behind in the availability of quality musical instruments and accessories. There are little to no trustworthy stores for musicians in even Kathmandu itself. In any other place, it is virtually nonexistent.

That being said, however, over the last few years a handful of music stores have come up which adhere to strict quality and service. These stores have started importing branded, original products from all around the world and provide you the quality of products you deserve.

1. Bass and Treble


Bass and Treble is the only international branded music store in Nepal. It is the official showroom for Yamaha instruments and sells all kind of products and accessories. It was established in 2017 and is often regarded as the biggest music store in Nepal.

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You will find Yamaha instruments and accessories for all kinds of instruments, the versatility of products here is unmatched anywhere else in Nepal. The store is also very visitor friendly and will allow you to exclusively test every product there until you are satisfied. Their product category ranges from professional audio devices, acoustic pianos, ukuleles, violins, guitars, percussion, mixers, and many more. It belongs to the very successful MAW group of companies and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Location: Naxal, Kathmandu

2. Guitar Shop Nepal


Guitar Shop is another very famous music store in Nepal. It is mostly focused on guitar and its accessories (hence the Name) but offers other products like keyboard and drums too. The shop was established over 10 years ago and is the distributor of over 28 international brands. They have expanded greatly over the years and are committed to providing products that meet our expectations. They provide distributor warranty in all their products and are good for repairs and maintenance too.

Location: Chabahil, Ason, Naya Bazar and Jawalakhel; Kathmandu.

3. Harmonium Musicals

Harmonium Musicals market themselves as the first music store in Nepal, which is probably true since it was established in 1964 AD. Their product category is also quite limited. They sell guitars, drums, amplifiers, and some other guitar accessories. Besides instruments, they also provide production devices like controllers, headphones, and turntables. Because of their long history and continued customer loyalty, you can expect good quality from their store. They provide a range of authentic orange products so if you need an amplifier, they might be a good option.

Location: Newroad, Kathmandu

4. Planet Music Nepal


Planet Music is another all-purpose instrument store located in New Baneshwor. They have a pretty big store with products from different brands. Although I have not been able to find official verification for their products, I can personally vouch for their quality. Their service is great and you can order custom bags for your keyboard, guitar, or amplifiers. I think this place is best for buying small accessories like strings and bridges because of the versatility of the brands they offer.

Location: Sankhamul, Kathmandu

5. Nepal Music Gallery


Nepal music gallery is an international store that is great if you want Nepali traditional instruments. They are known for providing good quality Nepali instruments not just in Nepal but abroad too. They do provide western instruments like guitar, keyboard, and drum but I would recommend this place especially for traditional instruments. For Nepali instruments, they offer a wide variety including  Sarangi, Madal, Murchunga, Baya Tabala, Dhyangro, Damaru, Ektare, Bansuri, or Murali, Sahanai, Kochakhen, and much more. Once again, quality is assured and they are a well-known store especially popular with foreign enthusiasts interested in Nepali instruments.

Location: Lainchour, Kathmandu

6. Tone Music Store


This is a fairly new store providing a wide range of instruments as well as EDM products. It was established in 2011. Endorsed by Neetesh Jung Kunwar, this shop offers products from international brands and assure the authenticity of their products. You can also buy keyboards here but I wouldn’t recommend buying them here (Bass and treble is great for keyboard and piano). I think this shop is best for EDM products, launch pads, pedals, and so on.

Location: Kamaladi, Kathmandu

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