What is the Real Meaning of the National Flag of Nepal? Why Nepal’s Flag is not Rectangular?

What is the Real Meaning of the National Flag of Nepal? Why Nepal’s Flag is not Rectangular?

Nepal is a landlocked country that lies in central Himalayan in South Asia. This is the world’s only flag which has juxtaposed triangular figures with crimson color with deep blue borders and white color moon with eight rays at the upper part and 12 rays sun in the lower part. The meaning of the flag of Nepal is based on two different pennants that belonged to rival branches of the Rana dynasty, who ruled the country before. The two triangular shapes were first joined in the last century. It is not adopted as a national flag until 1962 when a constitutional form of government was established.

What is the Real Meaning of the National Flag of Nepal? Why Nepal's Flag is not Rectangular?


After Prithvi Naryan Shah unified all small states then the double pennon flag was adopted. But in modern times, the flag’s symbol has evolved to incorporate several meanings. Crimson red indicated the bravery of Nepali people and it is also the country’s national color and blue border represents peace and harmony. The theory of flag is that two-point represent peace and hard work using the symbols of moon and sun respectively. 

The composition of the flag indicates Nepal’s permanence and the hope that Nepal will enjoy the same longevity as the sun and moon. And the two triangles symbolize the Himalayas. The moon symbolizes the cool weather of the Himalayas and the sun symbolizes heat and high temperature of southern lowlands. Additionally, the moon represents the calm demeanor and purity of the spirit of Nepali people whereas the sun represents fierce resolve. 

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Aspect Ratio of Flag

The precise geometrical description of the flag was mentioned in Article 5, schedule 1 of the former constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal. When constructed according to the declared geometric construction law, the ratio of the length of the flag to the longest width is an irrational number. 

The irrational value of side ratio of the circumscribing rectangle of the flag is given as:

= 1.219010337829452184570024869930988566… 

    a – b*Sqrt(2) – Sqrt(118-48*Sqrt(2)) * (c+d*Sqrt(2)) 

  =  ——————————————————



       a = 6136891429688

        b = 306253616715

        c = 934861968

        d = 20332617192

        e = 4506606337686

and arises from the addition of the blue border after the construction of the red field. The bounding rectangle of the red field alone has the rational aspect ratio 3:4 (=1:1.333…)

Color of Flag

There are three colors in the Flag and they have their own Meaning of the flag of Nepal, they are:

  • Dark Powder blue (Hex: #003893)
  • Crimson (Hex: #DC143C)
  • White (Hex: #FFFFFF)

How to draw Flag

  1. Draw a line AB from left to right on the lower part of the crimson-colored cloth.
  2. From A draw a line AC perpendicular to AB making AC =  AB  + 1 /3 AB. Now from AC mark off D building line AD according to line AB. Connect B and D.
  3. From BD mark off E making BE = AB.
  4. Touching E draws a line FG, beginning from the point F on line AC // AB to the right side. Mark off FG = AB.
  5.  Join C and G.

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