Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day

Maghe Sankranti is a festival celebrated in Nepal on the 1st day of Magh according to the Bikram Sambat calendar. Kirant people celebrate it as the new year according to their Yele calendar and it is one of the major festivals of the Magar community. It is one of the shortest days and longest nights of the year, which means the end of the winter solstice. It represents that cold days are going and warm days are coming.

It is celebrated as one of the most important festivals of Nepal. On this day people wake up before the sun and take a bath and get ready to worship the sun. People get together with their family on this day and prepare different food that is especially meant for this day.

Foods especially made for the Maghe Sankranti

For this very Maghe Sankranti, celebration streets are filled with vendors selling foods like chaaku, tilauri, tarul, and many more. These foods are targeted towards healthy eating. It is also a business perspective for the street vendors as they can earn money by selling seasonal foods. On this day, you can find these people all over your locality. On the streets, on the squares, and even the shopkeepers.

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Food vendor selling maghe sankranti foods

You just have to be in the mood to go and buy. But remember this is traditionally linked to your roots whether you believe it or not. Well, you certainly would like to eat some. So now, let’s talk about the food that is significantly important for the Maghe Sankranti with their health benefits.


This is a laddu that is made with sesame and jaggery. You can use both white and black sesame to make this Tilaura. You can also call it til ko laddu. You can buy these at the store or you can also make them at home as it is easy to make.

This food is usually eaten to fight cold and flu as it detoxifies the body and helps to boost immunity power.

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day


It is one of the delicacies that you should never miss on Maghe Sankranti. It is basically made by boiling molasses in a large pot and then you can add milk, nuts, coconuts as you like and let it cool down, and then it is ready to eat.

It helps to make your bones healthy and prevent cancer.

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day
Binay Krishna Shrestha a fifty-year-old man pours boiled molasses onto a stone for cooling to prepare (Chaku in Nepali language) for the approaching Maghe Sankranti Festival at Shakti Chaku shop in Ombahal Gache, Lalitpur on Friday, January 8, 2016. Photo: THT/Skanda Gautam

Sakharkhand, Pindalu, Tarul

Another important food of Maghe Sankranti is sakharkhand, pindalu, tarul. They are easy to make, you can just boil them in water and they are ready to eat.

These foods are good antioxidants that are useful to protect against disease and slow down the aging process.

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day


If you cook rice with lentils, ghee, turmeric powder, salt ginger paste, and oil then your khichdi is prepared. Normally, Nepali people only eat rice but only for this day do they make khichdi.

It is a healthy food as it has the perfect balance of everything and it helps to improve the immunity power and keeps diabetes under control.

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day


If you add gheu to any food you eat then it turns 10 times better. It is made by heating butter and removing the sediments of milk solids.

It keeps you warm in the winter and it is a good source of energy for your body.

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day


In Nepalese society, food is really important in every festival either religiously or scientifically. Maghe Sankranti is all about eating healthy foods and celebrating with your family. So, are you done preparing for Maghe Sankranti with all the foods listed above? You certainly must have! We hope your maghe Sankranti will be filled with happiness. Have a joyous Maghe Sankranti!

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