Local Level Election In Nepal-2022

Local Level Election In Nepal-2022

Are you ready to choose the right candidate at the local level election?

The election is going to be held on May 13, 2022. Choose the right candidate who is capable.

The 2022 Nepalese local elections are going to be held on 13 May 2022 in 6 metropolitan cities, 11 sub-metropolitan cities, 276 municipalities, and 460 rural municipalities. It will be the second local level election to be held since the promulgation of the new constitution.

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Local elections were held in 53 municipalities in February 2006 under the regime of King Gyanendra but were boycotted by the major political parties and saw low voter turnout. Prior to 2006, the previous elections were held in 1997 with a mandate of five years. Elections were supposed to be held in 2002 but were delayed due to the then-ongoing Nepal civil war.

Total 79 parties have registered in the election commission to take participate in local level election 2022. There is a total of 1,77,33,723 voters for the 2022 local level election in Nepal. Manang district has the lowest number of voters whereas Morang has the highest.

Local Level Election Process

election 2022
local level election

The local level elections will be held for 753 local levels and 6743 wards. Each local level has a Chairperson/Mayor and a Deputy chairperson/Deputy Mayor. Local levels are further subdivided into wards that have one ward chairperson and 4 members out of which 2 must be female with 1 one of them from the Dalit community.

35,221 representatives (Mayors, Deputy mayors, Chairpersons, Deputy Chairpersons, Ward Chairpersons, Ward Members) will be elected for the upcoming local level election.

The Chairperson/Mayor and a Deputy chairperson/Deputy Mayor are chosen by voters of the entire local level while Ward Chairperson and Ward Members are chosen by voters of the concerned ward. A single ballot is used for voting, first past the post electoral system is used to select the winner.

Local Level Election Qualification for Voters

The age of voters must be 18 by the day before the election. The voters must register their name on the voter list and the eligible candidate list will be published by the election commission.

Local Level Election Qualification for Candidates

Local Level Election In Nepal-2022

According to Part 17 of the Constitution, a person who meets the following criteria is qualified to become a candidate for various elected offices of the local level:

  • citizen of Nepal,
  • completed the age of twenty-one years,
  • registered voters of concerned local level,
  • most not be disqualified by any Federal law.

Local Level Election Budget 2022

The government of Nepal has allocated an 8.1 billion budget for local-level elections in 2022. Earlier, the Election Commission had demanded Rs 8.95 billion to hold the local level elections. But, the Ministry trimmed down the budget of some of the titles and decided to allocate Rs 8.11 billion for the civic polls. The Election Commission had demanded Rs 10 million for the electronic voting machines. 

Recruiting Temporary Police in Local Level election 2022

Local Level Election In Nepal-2022

Nepal Police called for applications for 1,00,000 temporary police for personnel to assist in the security arrangements for the local level election 2022. Nepali citizens with a minimum age of 18(till the date of registration) to a maximum of 54 can apply. Salary for temporary police personnel of 40 days i.e 30,240 will be deposited in their bank accounts and they will get a miscellaneous charge of Rs 6000.

Persons who have done satisfactory work by being recruited as Myadi Police in the past elections and the Nepal Army, the Nepal Police, and the Armed Police Force, former security personnel, and former forest rangers who have been working in Nepal on retirement or allowance will get priority.


Local Level Election In Nepal-2022

The local-level election is very important to develop our places. The election will be held when their tenure will be completed, if you choose the wrong candidate who cannot coordinate, lead, direct who has no vision, a mission cannot get success and lead the development work. So, while electing the candidate voter must choose the right candidate who is capable of their posts and can lead the nation.


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