Did The Snyder Cut Really Give the movie Justice?

Did The Snyder Cut Really Give the movie Justice?

After the release of Justice League in 2017, the movie received mixed reviews from the audience and the critics. The movie was directed by Joss Whedon when Zack Snyder stepped down during the post-production of the movie following the death of his daughter. Joss Whedon changed the tone of the movie and added more humor, and also cut the runtime of the movie. This action caused the movie to lose its direction and rather became a forced movie. 

Justice League movie was criticized for years and was made a meme of. But then details surfaced about the movie’s troubled production caused by Joss Whedon. After years of speculations, in March 2019, Snyder confirmed that there is an original cut that existed. Fans after knowing this expressed interest in the alternate cut which was more intuned with Zack Snyder’s vision- the one that they had come to love.

Justice League The Snyder cut

At the time, the release of The Snyder’s version was not sure. But soon fans and the cast and crew members petitioned for the release of the Snyder version. In February 2020, Warner Bros. decided to move ahead with The Snyder’s version of Justice League and announced that the original version would be released as Justice League The Snyder Cut via a streaming service HBO Max. 

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Movie Details

It cost around $70 million to complete the visual effects, score, and editing. The movie was initially planned to be released as a six-episode mini-series, but plans were eventually scrapped in January 2021. However, right after this, it was announced that the movie will be released as a four-hour film. The film is dedicated to the remembrance of Autumn, Snyder’s daughter. 

Justice League The Snyder Cut

Justice League is the fifth film of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and based on The DC Comics. The Whedon version of the movie was released on 17th November 2017 with a runtime of 120 minutes whereas Justice League The Snyder cut was released on 18th March 2021 with a runtime of 242 minutes. 

The Snyder cut Narrative Acts

  • Part 1: Don’t Count on it, Batman
  • Part 2: The Age of Heroes
  • Part 3: Beloved Mother, Beloved Son
  • Part 4: Change Machine
  • Part 5: All the King’s Horses
  • Part 6: Something Darker
  • Epilogue: A Father Twice Over
Justice League movie part

Plot Summary

The Snyder cut finally introduces Darkseid, the worst and the most dangerous supervillain of all time to the big screen. Darkseid was mentioned in Whedon’s version of Justice League which got the fans hyped up for more Darkseid action in the future. But The Snyder’s Cut brings the fictional comic character to life turning the fan dreams into reality.

As Superman was killed in their previous movie Batman Vs Superman, the Mother Boxes get triggered in the absence of the Kryptonian, which attracts Steppenwolf, one of Darkseid’s servants to Earth. In the absence of Superman, Batman tries to find all the beings with superpowers to come together and fight against the evil united. 

Darkseid Justice League

Casting and Performance

The Snyder cut has a big successful cast that includes Ben Affleck as Batman, Henry Cavill as Superman, Gal Gadot as Wonderwoman, Jason Mamoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Amy Adams as Louis Lane, Jared Leto as The Joker, Ciaran Hinds as Steppenwolf and many more.

The performance by the characters is outstanding, making them look like the perfect cast for the role of their character. This movie gives justice to all the characters; Erza Miller, Jared Leto, and Ciaran Hinds that were criticized for their performance in their past DC movies. 

Joker Justice League

All the scenes in the movie are intense, making every moment important for the plot of the movie. I loved the movie as I am a huge nerd when it comes to superhero movies. Although this 4-hour movie was hard for me to complete in a single sitting, it was worth every second of my time once I completed it. The movie plot is interesting and exciting, putting you on the edge of the seat every time. 

Reviews and Ratings

Today everyone is praising Zack Synder for this version of Justice League. Most of the fans and critics have given a positive review of the movie. The movie has been rated 8.4 out of 10 by IMDB making this the second-highest-rated DC movie after Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Rotten Tomatoes also certified the movie fresh by 73%.

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