Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

With the vision to become ‘1st Choice Provider for all the complete financial solutions‘ for its stakeholders, Nabil bank is the first foreign joint venture of Nepal working since July 1984. The bank which now holds the largest number of staff working under commercial private bank used to be a Dubai government-owned majority share. In 1995, the Majority of the shares were purchased by Binod Chaudhary, CEO of the Chaudhary group. As a pioneer in banking services, Nabil bank was successful in bagging ‘Highest Taxpayers and banking and financial institutions award ‘ by the inland review department for the year 2071/2072.

Leader And Management Committee Of Nabil Bank 

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

Anil Keshary Shah is the appointed CEO of the Nabil bank. The leadership of Nabil bank is further divided into four groups based on the equal yet different importance of each group. This group involves the Board of directors, board committee, management team, and branch managers. The boards of directors represent the promoter shareholders. The board committee includes the audit committee, risk management committee, and committee relating to staff services. The proper balance between the teams here is responsible for the growth of the Nabil bank.

Facilities Offered and Interest Rate 

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

As Nepal’s pioneer bank, Nabil bank has pressed its services to a high range. With the decision of the bank, the interest rate varies from time to time but is reliable for the services they offer to their customers. Based on one’s requirements, they offer services from savings, deposit, and fixed.

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Saving Deposit

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study
Savings deposit % per annum 
Bal bachat  
Student Savings  3 
Lok bachat  
Nari bachat  
General savings 
Remittance savings 
Share khata  
Nabil sahuliat khata  
Corporate staff saving 3.25 
Salary savings 3.75 
Super savings 4.5 
Employee savings 4.5 
Premium pay roll savings  
Premium nari bachat  4.5 
Shareholders saving 
Nabil gen-N account 

For Fixed Deposit 

While one can even keep fixed money from 3 months to two years and above. 

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study
3 Months to below 2 years % per annum  
   Personal 7.25 
2 Years and above  
   Personal 8.25 
3 Months and above   
   Institutional  6.50 
   Institutional (Renewal)  6.60 
Cumulative Fixed Deposit (1 Year)   
Personal  7.00 

The Fix Deposit Gives Minimum Interest Rate


Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study
 USD Savings  0.75 
 NRN Fixed Deposit (USD)  3.33 

The ATM costs about Rs 500 for membership. For smart banking, the issue is free of cost but annually Rs 200 is deducted from the account for its use while it is free for the first year. The net banking is free of cost while online payment or services are charged varying on services we take.

Operating And Financial Review

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

The bank has able to generate NPR 6,027 million profit and NPR 4239 non-profit tax in just a few five years. The compound annual growth rate if the bank is now almost 12-13 % due to which the shareholders are benefited with around 23,000 million increment in a total equity fund. The local deposit currency has increased by a 21% rate while the foreign depositions with around a 9% rate. The bank is equally aware of its social responsibility so spends 1% of its profits in the social sector. 

The Total Liabilities And Equity Of The Bank Is As Follows

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

Total liabilities and equity NPR in million 
2015 201,139 
2016 169,076 
2017 144,048 
2018 131,347 
2019 115,986 

Branches, ATM and Employees

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study
Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

This ‘A class’ bank has it headquarter or main branch located in Nabil centre, Beena Marga, Durbar Marga, Kathmandu Nepal. From a single multicorporate bank, it has been able to spread to around 67 branches and 111ATM machines all over Nepal at latest since five new branches at local level started its operations .As of July 2019 ,1080 permanent employee ,2 Contract employee and 684 out sourced people are working under Nabil bank . 

 Marketing Strategy

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

The marketing strategy of the Nabil bank is just on the mark. With the realization of digitalism, Nabil bank offers the digit and home-friendly service to the customers. The best marketing strategy of banking sectors are  

  1. Technology adaption 

2. Customer Value 

3. Digital apps  

Which are all effectively used by Nabil bank. They target from the smaller group to higher individual through their schemes. Their most recent project ‘digital gain ‘ got popular since it gave training to four villages illiterates about how to used apps of banking and all the customers are already there with them. The famous faces of Nepal legends Anmol KC, Samraghya Laxmi Shah have already incorporated and worked for the publicity of this bank. 

Business Challenges 

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

Even though Nabil has shown tremendous growth in these years, many other banks like the civil bank are equally in the race by offering more benefits to their customers. The Schemes for saving of Nepal investment bank is more profitable in comparison to Nabil. In this race to become best in the business, the strategy should also be on the top due to which Nabil should work in improvement and be the best in the market by providing more interest rates and better Saving benefits. 

Future of Nabil Bank

Is Nabil Bank The Best Bank In Nepal? Case Study

Nabil bank can be counted among the best banks offering maximum services all over Nepal. With the scheme and investment in the social sector, it has earned the hearts of many people. Nabil offers consultative service which has been able to lure its customers. Nabil has it has shown in previous years will continue to grow at its pace surely since they are innovative and risk-takers in this business. The services they provide are customer friendly and ensure the wellbeing of its customers. From holding tree planting to donating to girl’s education, Nabil shows its responsibility for the society. With all these years of hardship, the experience they are still strong in the market to attain their vision and will surely grow more in future days. 

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