Is FRIENDS TV series worth 84 hours of your time?

Is FRIENDS TV series worth 84 hours of your time?

Almost all of us know a person who is never tired of speaking high about the “Friends” TV Series. And we might as well know someone who has no idea ‘what’s so big fuss about it?”. 

My roommate has seen me repeat the entire series four times in a year. And when I recommended her to watch it, SHE LOVED IT. So, did my little sister. So if you ask me if FRIENDS TV series is worth 84 hours of your time, I am going to give a big “YESSS”. 

The fact is, I am never bored of watching this series. If you have somewhere read a meme about how “a cup of coffee and an episode of the “FREINDS” makes every problem is life bearable”, it’s partially true. 

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You might be feeling that I am speaking too high about this classic TV show, but that’s the truth. Not a person who has watched all 10 seasons of the FREINDS have ever claimed to have hated it. 

The Storyline of FRIENDS

Is FRIENDS TV series worth 84 hours of your time?
Storyline of FRIENDS

The story starts in a Central Park coffee shop where five friends are talking about their personal stuff while Rachel storms in bridal customs. She starts to live with Monika and all six characters start hanging out together. Monika’s Brother Ross has this huge crush on Rachel and the two start dating but later broke up. Joey makes a major breakthrough in his carrier as a Dr. Drake Ramorey while Monika falls for a very handsome old man. Later, Ross meets this girl from England and decides to get married. The story takes a turn when he pronounces Rachel name’s in the vow. 

In the meantime, Monika and Chandler started dating in secret. The two got pretty serious and ended up getting married. The major twist arises when Rachel gets pregnant with the child of Ross after a nightstand. In the end, Phoebe also found her love in Mike Hannigan and the two get married. 

But trust me; the storyline is far more interesting than portrayed by the paragraph above.

Characters of FRIENDS

Is FRIENDS TV series worth 84 hours of your time?
Characters of FRIENDS
  • Monika Geller Bing – Courteney Bass Cox
  • Rachel Karen Green – Jennifer Joanna Aniston)
  • Ross Geller – David Lawrence Schwimmer
  • Chandler Bind- Matthew Perry
  • Joey Tribbiani- Matt Leblanc
  • Phoebe Buffay- Lisa Kudrow

Why Should Everyone Watch FRIENDS?

It’s damn funny:

Once you dive deep into the character, the show is very funny. The hilarious comment of Chandler and Dumb actions of Joey will not fail to entertain you. There can be times when your eyes can be full of tears because you cannot stop laughing. 

It’s relatable:

All of us might not have six best friends, but we all know someone as hot as Rachel and as a nerd as Ross. We have friends as Dumb as Joey and as idiotic as Phoebe. As we relate these characters with real-life people, the show gets better. 

Is FRIENDS TV series worth 84 hours of your time?

It’s timeless:

The FRIENDS TV show was aired on national television from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004. You can see the shift of an entire era in the show. And yet, today, it’s the most-watched Soap Opera. I believe that even for the next decade, the craziness for FRIENDS is not dying. 

Teaches a Lesson:

Like many other TV show FRIENDS does not have the unnecessary drama that keeps on sharing “deep messages” that don’t fit in with the series ideals. But it teaches us how small our life problems can be and how we can handle anything with a positive attitude. 

Is FRIENDS the best series of all time?

Well, it should be called the best series of all time. It’s hilarious, it’s relatable and It’s timeless- what other feature do you need? At times, FRIENDS can be addictive and healing. If you are having a night time break-out, a single episode can cheer you up. 

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