How To Visit Nepal From India With Safe and Secured Ways in 2021?

How To Visit Nepal From India With Safe and Secured Ways in 2021?

How do you plan on getting to Nepal from India? For that, there are some limited and working options that enable you to visit Nepal from India easily.

Nepal and India are the two countries that are linked to each other as two sibling nations. The border connects almost all of the Nepalese border except the North. With that much open space, it is an easily accessible path for the inhabitants of the countries to pass here and about. There are certain rules and regulations for the safety of the neighboring country’s policy to visit Nepal from India.

The Key Feature of this Travel: You do not need any visa for it. Just your Identification document will be enough to take you through.

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visit Nepal from India

So, traveling to Nepal for the best time of your life starts with the resolution to have the picturesque and serene nature in front of your very own eyes. From the religiously important monuments to the amazing landmarks and the solitary confines of the Himalayas like Annapurna, Everest, and many more, you will have a never-ending time of exploring and adventuring through the hills and valleys of nature.

How can you visit Nepal from India?

visit Nepal from India

There are limited options for you to visit Nepal from India. But they work quite well for you if you plan the way and take the guided route. And in the case that you are an adventurer then Everest Peak is the limit.

Now then, let’s get into the ways that you can visit Nepal from India.

Air Ways

visit Nepal from India

The most efficient way to visit Nepal from India is the Airways. You can easily get the ticket to land at the one and only International Airport of Nepal in Kathmandu. Tribhuwan International Airport welcomes the tourist from India with open arms. 

Getting a plane to visit Nepal from India is an easy feat. Tickets are provided from Jet, Indigo, and Air India that are Indian-based Airline companies. Other International Airlines provide the flight service too. You can choose one of them and book your plane ticket as affordable to you.

If you take the flight from India, then you will only have to wait for one and a half hours to reach the TIA in the capital of Nepal.

Train Ways

visit Nepal from India

Traveling through train to visit Nepal from India is a huge experience in Itself. The train can only take to so far inside the border. But, while taking the ride on that train, you will get the view of how Nepal looks as the sceneries pass by. You will have the experience of observing the context of Nepali land before taking it first-hand by yourself. The train track connects Sirsiya and Raxaul. It lies on the border between the two countries. So, there might be a situation that you will have to take the roadway after the train ride.

The ride after the train will take you to the end of the track, after which you will have to get off and hitch a ride through the roadway. A tip for you can be that you can enjoy the travel as your plan of visit Nepal from India right from that ride. You can get familiar with the views of the day as you ride on with the wind.

Other tracks have also been launched to connect India from Bihan to Dhanusa District in Nepal. This is surely a boon for building the connection between the two countries. As both Nepali and Indian people can travel through to reach on the other side. It will take you almost 30 to 31 hours to reach the last station in Nepal.

Road Ways

visit Nepal from India

With the open and accessible border, roadways are the efficient way of travel for low affordable costs. For the sake of having picturesque sceneries and adventure, it is the most fitting way of travel. Taking private cars on a roll down the border is a fun experience that you can have.

Traveling on your own, you have to be very careful with your identification and verification documents as there will be checkpoints and patrols who will be screening you while you enter the country. But, not a big issue if you are just strolling down the neighboring country having fun and taking in the beauty of it. Just be ready with the documents required and a fee for a transport permit while you cross the border. 

It’s the road, so having some traffic is a normal routine. But have some cool time while you wait down the line.

That was for traveling on your own with your private vehicle, but you have other options for the roadways. There is a Direct bus service that will take you from Delhi straight on to Kathamndu. Started by Delhi Trasport Corporation in November 2014, the Volvo bus service takes you from Delhi through Agra and Kanpur to Nepali Sunauli Border. You can certainly try some other nearby borders like Banbasa if you are driving on your own.

The bus fare can cost you about INR 2300 for getting to Nepal. Which can come around 3600 Nepali Rupees.

Before You Take Off For Nepal

visit Nepal from India

Now that you know how you can travel to Nepal from ‘Visit Nepal from India’, you might have already packed your bags to jump on a means of transportation to get to Nepal. But, there are some things that you need to know before you leave.

You have to compulsorily carry valid Identity proof issued by your government that will give the information that the officials might need to know. That is all if you are from India and traveling to Nepal and the same for a Nepali traveling to India.

But the foreigners entering Nepal through India should also carry their passport and visa at all times. So, that can always help the border officers to know who has entered the country and how. 

As for the rest, have fun while you visit Nepal from India as you have planned. Have a safe and happy journey. Nepal and Nepalese people welcome you all.

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