Better Know How to Transfer Money In NTC

Better Know How to Transfer Money In NTC

You can Transfer money in NTC with some easy steps. It is a service that has been made available for the customer’s easy accessibility.

Nepal Telecom is the leading Network Company of Nepal. With Massive Network coverage and reliable service, people have had faith in it since its establishment. Beginning with the wired service to wireless mobile Sim, Nepal Telecom has provided the Nation with a service that everyone can be proud of.

Transfer money in NTC

Why do we Transfer Money?

In a state of hectic need, people need an alternative to the recharging pin code. Instead of searching for one, people search for a shortcut way to gain a certain amount of balance that they can work with for a while. This is when the Transfer service works like magic.

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NTC had initiated the service for quite a while, which was halted due to some issues. But, then the service came back and has been working with the best credibility. 

Transfer Money in Ntc

For the direct approach of transfer, you will need a security code that needs to be kept secure as it is your security pin that works only with your number.

Security Code

To get your Security Code,

Send a message to 1415, typing “scode”

You will receive your Code through the text.

This service has been relaunched after its halt. Before now, you had to reach the Telecom office to get your security code. 

Transfer Money In NTC with USSD

NTC Transfer service gives the estimate of Rs. 10 to 500 transfers at a time. And you can use the service 20 times a day. You need to remember the syntax pattern that needs to be followed.

*422*security code*phone number*Rs.#

Previously, you needed to enter the amount in Paisa, but now it has been upgraded. You can simply enter the Rupee amount and you are done.

The service is accessible for NTC Prepaid numbers.

Transfer Money in NTC with the Mobile App

Transfer money In ntc

The upgrade of Nepal Telecom has brought an app in the app store for the NTC users who can access their information and services through the app itself. Download the app and register your number and activate the service to have all the services in your hand.

Transferring the money is just a simple step process. And furthermore, you don’t even need the security code.

  • Go to the Transfer Balance section in the app after you have downloaded and registered your number.
  • Enter the target number that you are sending the balance to in the “recipient Phone Number”
  • Type the amount in Rs. for the amount of balance that you are sending.
  • Pressing “Ok”, you will receive a one-time OTP number through text.
  • Enter the OTP for validation.

And that’s that. You don’t have to search for anything, and you already have sent the money to the number.

Transfer Money with Self-Care Web App

Transfer money in Ntc

The Self Care app is a web app of NTC. It is a service that you can access through your web browser with the same details that you used to register your number in the NTC app. If not done that then you can register it now through this app too.

Just log in and get your account details information to transfer or recharge any account of NTC number through the process

Before You End This Article

Transfer Money In Ntc to get the service of balance or help your friends and family in need. The service has been made easier than ever. And there and many options for doing so too. You can get many more of it through the apps and website platforms.

Just remember that the service is to be utilized for the best of you and the Company itself. But misusing the information and technology can cause you to lose your contact sim and its features. But having the chance of getting all the services, who would want to risk losing it? Have a happy Transferring as you share your love and support with your people.

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