How to Transfer Balance In Ncell With 2 Easy Ways?

How to Transfer Balance In Ncell With 2 Easy Ways?

Do you know how to transfer balance in Ncell?? Then this is the right article to help you.

Before that, let’s know briefly about Ncell.

Ncell Network is the private network company of Nepal that has a grip on the consumers with their performance and reliability. The only private company of Network that has won the hearts of its users.

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Their service covers all aspects of networking. They even let the users transfer money in Ncell from one Sim to another, which is a big help for some cashless times.

Why Do We Transfer Balance in Ncell?

Transfer balance in Ncell

What happens when you lose the balance in your Ncell Sim Cellphone?

You might have something important that you have to call for and fix the issue. But you are empty. You wish someone would send the money to your phone.

That could be you or someone you know. And if you have Ncell Sim, you can easily forward the money through the transfer method to the specific Number. It is an easy way of receiving balance in a dire state of need. Which is a big help for the users.

Ncell provides ‘transfer money in Ncell’ service within the Ncell Numbers with a certain charge for the service.

How to Transfer Balance In Ncell?

transfer money in Ncpal

From Ncell to Ncell number, you can easily transfer amounts from Rs. 10 to Rs. 200 at one time. And it is limited to 3 times per day. If you try more than that, then your request will not pass through.

Transfer Balance In Ncell through Your Phone

The USSD transfer request code for Ncell Money Transfer is 17122, which you will need to dial and activate the service for one transfer.

Transfer money in Ncell
  • Dial USSD code with the receiver’s Ncell phone number with the transfer amount.
  • *17122*Reciever’s Ncell Number*Transfer Amount#

You will be charged with the addition of TSC and Vat of 13% with the transfer, which will amount to Rs.1.28. The amount will be deducted during the Transfer.

Transfer Balance

in Ncell through Mobile App

Ncell Mobile App is the best application for the Sim User. It consists of overall features that you might need to see the functionality of your Number. It even consists of Transfer Money Option. So you can easily transfer money to the desired number without having to remember any code and procedure.

  • First You need to have the sim registered through your App, which will let you log in.
  • After logging in with the password and your number, you will easily get the option of transferring the money to a number that you need to send the money to.

Before You End This Article

Transfer money in Ncell

Transferring money from one sim to another is a process of recharging your balance that might need to be done for an emergency need or just as a favor from a friend. It is not the first priority way of recharging your number but does it for a temporary time.

It is easy and accessible from anywhere. So, if you can’t find a shop around you then your option can be to get the Transfer from anyone who can lend you some. 

And the same if someone needs your help with a transfer.

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