How to Send Money from Nepal to the USA in Easy 5 Steps?

How to Send Money from Nepal to the USA in Easy 5 Steps?

The United States is a land of opportunities. But new migrants from Nepal will have to wait for some time before they can merge into those opportunities. As a friend or family, you might have to send money from Nepal to the USA. 

Are you searching for a way to send that needed money to the person in the US? Then here we have explained how you can do so.

Send money from Nepal to the USA

Steps To Send Money from Nepal to the USA

Step 1:
Choose the method that you are most comfortable with. It can be a bank or any Remittance transfer company.

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Step 2:
Go through their policies through their website.

Step 3:
Reach out to the nearest branch or agent office.

Step 4:
Fill out the form required for the transfer, with details about the amount and your verification(Citizenship or Identification Card) along with the receiver’s withdrawing address.

Step 5:
Get the reference Code or Money Transfer Control Number of your transaction and forward it to the Reciever.

With these steps, you can send money from Nepal to the USA that the recipient can collect at their corresponding address. It is a simple task that requires some official documentation and charges for the job to be done.

There are some ways that you can choose to complete the process. And for that, you have quite some choices that you can choose from.

Remit Transfer Companies

Nowadays, Remittance companies are the most used way for transferring money internationally. It is a time-efficient and reliable way of transferring money.  Here are some Remittance companies to send money from Nepal to the USA.

Money Gram

Money Gram

Money Gram is easily available money transferring company in the world. You can find a company agent nearby. With Moneygram, you simply have to provide the money to the desk representative and transfer the money to the receiver’s bank account. Filling up the form and providing your and the receivers verification, will initiate the transfer of the desired amount. 

For the final stage, you will have to receive the code and forward it to the receiver so the person can easily withdraw the amount.

The transaction is limited to $10,000 which will cost you a $1.99 fee for direct bank transfer. And for receiving it from the Moneygram Agent office you will be charged $5.99 for bank account transfer and $13.99 for Debit or credit card transfer.

Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer

The world popular Remittance transfer company Western Union, has a fine share of customers that are very trusting and value the Company’s work. In return, Western Union does the service of transferring money from any part of the world in an instant.

You can visit any Western Union office nearby with your validation proof along with the recipient’s validation to transfer the Money to The USA. Nepali people can get it done wither with their passport or citizenship card. Next, you need to fill-up the form for remit transfer and submit it to the person in charge with the money and fees for the transfer.

To send money from Nepal to The USA you can directly transfer it to the receiver’s bank account or forward a receiver reference code for the transaction to be complete.

For every 10,000 Rupees of transfer, you will be charged about 100 as fees.

World Remit

World Remit

One of the first Remit service providers, World Remit has been giving the transfer service for quite a time now. It provides even with the exchange rate conversion which can benefit both the transferrer and the receiver for their money’s worth.

Filling up the form and forwarding the money after you validate your account and identity, the money gets instantly transferred to the receiver in his bank account or can withdraw from the World Remit agent nearby. Bank Account Transfer takes around 24 hours to complete.


Xoom Money Transfer: A paypal Service

Xoom is a Paypal based money transfer service that links your Paypal Account if you have one. It transfers money through the Paypal service as you sign in with your Paypal Account. Though it is an instantaneous process for transferring money, it is not very useful for a country that does not have the PayPal service.

Xoom estimates the Cost to send money from Nepal to the USA of 1% of the amount that is up to $999, and $10 for $1,000, or more.


Remitly Promises Delivered: Money Transfer

Remitly is a digital remittance transfer service. Through which you can Register your account and send the money to your receiver. It charges some fees according to the amount of transfer. Its digital presence makes your transfer transparent and low on fees too.

It is a free account registration, through which you have to select your delivery provider. Then, entering the recipient name and address and the payment transfer information you will successfully transfer the money to the person.

You will get continuous updates on the transfer through your email.  You will be charged $3.99 for sending less than $1,000 and there are no transfer fees for more than $1,000.

Trasfer through Banka

The most used and trusted service before remittance was implemented for money transfer, is the Bank transfer. The Bank transfer method works with the Relations in between the banks or just through the Wire or Swift Code methods. To Send Money from Nepal to the USA, you can find some Banks around you who have maintained a smooth relation with the International transfer in a fast and smooth way.

NIC Asia Remit

NIC Asia Bank Remit

NIIC Asia is the Bank of Nepal that has successfully maintained the Bank transfer service to send money from Nepal to the USA. It works as a NIC Asia Remit Service. You can transfer the money through NIC Bank’s International Money transfer account to the desired person’s account in the USA.

You can contact the nearest branch of NIC Asia Bank, to send money from Nepal to the USA. The process is quite simple if you have already opened an account in NIC Asia. If not, you can open the account For international transfer and with it verify your Identification with Citizenship or passport.

Transferring money is easy to deal with. You just use your account to transfer the amount through the links of NIC Asia to the receiver in the USA. The bank does the transfer through World Remit with their partnership deal. So, you can send money from Nepal to the USA secured and instantly.

The bank provides the charge with the Exchange rate with the fees. You will be charged according to the rate.

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is an Internationally recognized bank situated in Nepal. It has a global reach and connections that can get you to send money from Nepal to the USA with ease whenever you want.

You will be charged a certain fee to send money from Nepal to the USA.

With access to your account online, you can transfer money through Mobile Banking. Linking the account with your Standard Chartered Bank account you can activate mobile banking. Add New International Payee under Manage Payee section

To send money from Nepal to the USA, you can enter the payee details and amount and confirm it to get it done.

The charge of service is deemed from the online banking method and is processed accordingly. The bank provides Exchange rates and fees as you send money from Nepal to the USA.

Before You End This Article

Send money from Nepal to the USA

Sending money to the ones in the US might seem like such a big task to get it done. But it really is not. The technology has been developing at its pace and that has helped the FInance and the way they are managed. So, sending money to the other side of the world is an easy task that takes just some minutes.

But, if you don’t know-how, we just showed it to you. If you have skipped the information, do go through it once so you can send the money to your family and friends in an instant.

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