How To Send Money From Kuwait To Nepal? Transfer Methods

How To Send Money From Kuwait To Nepal? Transfer Methods

How would you send money from Kuwait to Nepal?

The answers could be varied. But, everyone wants to find a suitably easier method to send their money back home. If you are in Kuwait and searching for a way to send money to your family, then we have some helping hands sharing this information for you.

Sending money is a heavy and stressful business if you cannot rest assured about its authenticity. So, before going on with the transaction, you need to be sure with some research about the medium you have chosen.

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So, here, are some shortlisted methods to send money from Kuwait to Nepal. Read through and choose your best-fitting method.

Ways to Send Money From Kuwait To Nepal

Money Trasfer Company

Companies who are dedicated to their jobs to transfer the money of their customers to the desired destination have done efficient and accurate jobs in a fruitful way. So, the best option for the ease of transferring will be to choose from one of these companies located nearby you. There are some companies in Kuwait that have taken the ground in this business with solid formation.


Send money from Kuwait to Nepal through Transfast

Money Transfer Companies like Transfast are a great access point if you simply want to send the money and they will deliver it to the desired location with ease. You simply have to register your credentials and pay the fees for your transaction. And with verification of your sent credentials, the rest will be taken care of by these companies.

A 1000$ transaction can cost about $4.99 for you. The transfer usually takes 3-5 of the business days. And if you use the Fast scheme to send money from Kuwait to Nepal, then it will be done within 24 hours.

Bahrain Exchange Company, Kuwait

Bahrain Exchange Company

It is the local company in Bahrain, that deals with the Dinar Exchange rate with Nepali Rupees. It was started in 1917 and entered the Remittance business after 1970. It is one of the oldest in Bahrain that is a reliable and efficient way for transferring your money.

Its partnership with MoneyGram, Transfast has made it a very reliable company, as it has options that are the motive of their service. If one does not work you will always have the next to choose from.

Kuwait India International Exchange(KIECO)

Kuwait India International Exchange- KIECO

E-Sewa is the most used Digital wallet in Nepal. And recently, a feature was added in collaboration with Kuwait India International.

You can easily send the money to the recipient’s Esewa Wallet in Nepal through Kuwait India International. KIECO provides Exchange Rate and instant transfer service.

With a certain cost allocation, you can easily access this service to load money directly into the Esewa Wallet.

KIECO also provides efficient service of Exchange rates thought its website, if you are planning to send money from Kuwait to Nepal through it.


Remittance Companies are the best viable option for the youth working in the Middle east. Remittance is the most chosen way for this transfer of Currency.

Western Union

Western Union

Western Union is the world-renowned Remittance company that gives the best service to its clients. Sending the money, the receiving will get it within some days of the transfer. You can choose an online bank method to initiate the transfer. But a faster approach would be a Debit or Credit card transfer.

Through Western union, the means of transfer that you choose will vary the range of cost for each transfer. And once you are a regular one- you can earn bonus points for your transfer. It gest much easier to Send Money from Kuwait to Nepal.

At this time of Pandemic, the company has even launched a home delivery service package too.

IME Remit

IME International Money Express

IME Remit can be the next way of utilizing your transfer in a more subtle way of transfer. You can transfer the money with a cost for a certain amount of money. The Rate of transfer is really past. And the Exchange rate is also provided by the company before you get the transaction done.

With Exchange rate published on its website and the price allocation service right through the web, you can easily find the cost that he service will cost you. You can choose for the receiving part of the cost or sending part of the cost too.



MoneyGram agents take the job seriously. Your transfer will be taken care of in a fast and reliable way. You just need to provide the details about you and your transaction. After a verification process, the transfer progresses and your receiver will get the money in no time at all.

Through the price can vary from online transfer to the agents, You have to be sure to check the transfer fees that is going to cost you. Generally, $5 per transfer. There are more policies that you will face during the procedure. The fees rate differs from the amount of $1-$50 and $51-$1001.

World Remit


World Remit is one of the leading Remittance companies that started the Remit Business early on. Its service and efficiency have still kept it at the top rank among the Remit Companies.

Sending money from World Remit, you won’t have to pay any hidden charges. Whatever you pay you will see the details upfront. The Digital service of World Remit works exceptionally well. Your recipient can grab the money from their World Remit Agent instantly. And you even have a bank transfer option that takes about 24 hours.

World Remit provides Airtime topup for a transfer of upto Nepali 5000 rupees. It is a secure way to send money from Kuwait to Nepal. It can be sent within minutes. They are low-cost medium of transfer.

Bank Transfer Methods

The old ways of sending money from one country to another are certainly the vintage way of sending it through the banks. The bank transfer is reliable and secured and it takes much time and effort. So, in return, it is a bit costly too. 

Bank Transfer needs credibility of verifying the authority from both sides, so now during the way of digital transfer, very little amount of people choose the Bank Transfer Methods.

Swift Transfer

SWIFT Transfer

Swift is a secure way of transferring money through the relationship bank account of different banks that will transfer the money through SWIFT codes that will identify you individually as the sender. The same code should be given to the receiver bank by your recipient, so they can withdraw the money.

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) revolutionized the era of sentences full of messages into a simple code. It has impacted the image of reliability and secured fund transfer.

The conversing codes from Swift transfer makes it easier for the banks to communicate from the traditional method of using sentences for the transfer. If you choose Swift Transfer to send money from Kuwait to Nepal, you don’t have to worry about the liability of your transaction. It might take some days, but it will reach the destined place.

Telegraphic Transfer

It is another method of Bank transfer that uses telegram as the method of transferring funds through banks. It is a wired form of transfer that you will have to be involved in through the steps personally. This was a revolution back in the days of modernization. But has been outdated in today’s technological days.

Electric Wire Transfer

Electric Wire Transfer

With a cost that can be quite a lot in comparison to other transfers, you can electrically wire transfer your money through Banks. The money that you send from your Bank gets transferred from the Banks internal relations to your desired recipient Bank. It will cost you the regular price that your bank uses to transfer funds. There might be some policies and causing cost reasons that will be stated by your bank during the transaction.

Bank Transfer is the old school but quite reliable way to send money from Kuwait to Nepal.

Before You Get off To Send Money from Kuwait To Nepal

Send money from Kuwait To Nepal with ease and secured way. Dont let the process stress you. Choose wisely and rest assured. That’ what the overall message that we have tried to portray here. In terms of using the latest technology to transfer money through banks or on a personal way, you might find it easier.

But, the old and reliable but yet slow method of transfer is also very reliable and trusted by people today. Whatever you choose, be careful with the process and keep note of the reference code of the transaction. It might tale a few minutes or a few days to send money from Kuwait to Nepal, depending upon which method you have chosen. Whatever it might be, just make sure you won’t have to stress about it.

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