How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

Online shopping and e-commerce is a thriving business in Nepal. Merchants all over the country are starting to sell their products or service through the internet, making them accessible to millions of Nepalis all at once. At the forefront of the market stands Daraz Nepal, a South Asia based online shopping platform.

If you are one of the many businessmen who want to get into the online market, this guide is for you. We will explore how you can go about the Daraz website and sell on Daraz.

Introduction To Daraz

AS mentioned already, Daraz is a South Asian Online marketplace that spans five countries: Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. It offers both local and international services (spanning its five countries). Millions of people use it every day and it is rapidly growing in size. It is the only “branded” shopping service in Nepal with consistently effective outcomes and turnout.  

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Daraz is currently under the parent company Alibaba group, which is an even bigger online market in China. In 2018 alone, the company was worth $25 million in Nepal. 

Criteria To Become A Seller

While the process of being a seller is relatively hassle-free, there are certain criteria that your business has to meet to be offered a place.

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide
  1. You need to register your business with a PAN/ VAT number before registering as a seller, otherwise you will not be able to sell on Daraz.
  2. Your products should be properly listed, and a description should be provided for each product.
  3. You will need the Daraz seller app, verify your identity with a phone number, and get relevant information from Daraz University.
  4. Daraz currently accepts sellers from Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Bharatpur, Birgunj, Janakpur, Butwal, and Biratnagar.

Step-by-Step Procedure To Sell On Daraz

sell on daraz

If you want to register your business and sell on Daraz, your first step should be to visit this site. You can browse through relevant information there to formally be a part of Daraz. The step itself is quite simple and can be broken down into three parts.

Choosing seller options

If you meet the criteria laid out in the previous subheading, you are eligible to register. Registering is the first step of the process in order to sell on Daraz. Visit this site to access the options you will get while registering.

sell on daraz

You can choose between a Daraz Mall seller, local seller, Global seller, or digital goods seller. Daraz Mall has slightly higher criteria, and the payment will be higher too since it will have the Daraz brand in it. For most purposes, you should click on the “local seller option”. If you want to sell goods beyond Nepal then you will need to click the “Global Seller” option, and if you want to sell digital goods like steam wallet, internet package, and so on, you will click the “digital goods seller” option.

Daraz University and Registration

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

After you have chosen your option, you will be prompted to enter all your credentials. This will include the PAN number for your business, your name, your phone number, and so on. Enter accurate information to ensure that you will not run into any problems later down the road, and be able to sell on Daraz without any hassle. You should also download the Daraz seller app to sell on Daraz more efficiently. You will have more information about relevant information on the Daraz University site.

Listing Your Products

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

After you are registered, you will be asked to list all the products of your store. Try to make this list as informative and standard as possible. In your product descriptions, provide accurate details about the product and use language that sounds pleasing. To sell on Daraz in a way that makes a profit, you need to pay attention to presentation. So keep professionally shot or at least carefully shot product photos too. Try to avoid silly grammatical and/or formatting errors to ensure that your store upholds a certain standard to sell on Daraz.

Benefits For Sellers

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

You might be wondering why you would want to go through all of these processes to sell on Daraz, instead of just working offline, or working through another site. We will explain the advantages of the online market and specifically those of Daraz.

Why Online Marketplace

Using an online marketplace will help you grow your business with little to no cost. In Daraz, specially, you only pay marketplace fees when your items are sold. In theory, you have a rent-free shop for your business that is accessible to millions at the same time, all the time. The benefits of that are absolutely huge, and the cost comparison is relatively low.

Why Sell On Daraz

It all comes down to branding. Daraz is practically handing out its established brand name to small businesses that are relatively unknown. Most buyers will not even look at the business name, they just “buy it from Daraz”. This means your products will have the tag of a well-established brand with it.

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

Since Daraz uses a pay-after-sale model, you will not pay anything to Daraz unless your store sells something, which comes in really handy when business is slow. On top of all that, the reach of Daraz across countries means your community-spanning business is suddenly national or even international. All these benefits will definitely help your business grow better.

Final Thoughts

How To Sell On Daraz Nepal? A Step by Step Guide

Creating a Daraz seller ID is a very good idea for any business looking to grow, rather than shrink in the present condition. The online marketplace is thriving in Nepal, and Daraz is at the top of the food chain. You can hence sell on Daraz and expand the reach of your business exponentially. We hope this guide was useful in providing all the relevant information related to applying, and selling on Daraz.

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