9 Best Tips To Buy Books Online in Nepal

9 Best Tips To Buy Books Online  in Nepal

The most fascinating aspect of online shopping is it removes the need to wait for long hours in a queue or go in search from one shop to another shop for a particular product that you are searching for. In the modern world, we can see many young generations who frequently visit online sites, as from exploring such sites we can know the price, compare between two prices from different sites for the same product, and later buy the product according to the budget.

Similarly, in the case of buying books in shops, we need time, searching for a book you like to buy and checking it’s the price could be tiresome. Likewise, it could be difficult if the required books are only available in a handful of shops.


Hence, most of the Nepalese people are buying books online or from a book store. Nepal is in the process of digital change, there are several ways to ordere and buy online books.

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Here are some tips to order/buy online books in Nepal through an online platform and get them into your door without any having inconvenience.

1. Select the top online shopping websites of Nepal or their apps and go to the books category. Choose the specific online book store. After which you can register and log into your own personal account.

2. In the site, that you are going to order/buy online books, you can choose different categories of books of your choice like fiction, non-fiction, drama, horror, novels, encyclopedia, etc.

3. After you have made your selection, put your chosen book into your cart.

4. Fill up the shipping address and choose your delivery option which could be either be in express or free delivery.

5. In the end, check out your payment options. Your options can be made through digital payments from Nepalese apps such as eSewa and Khalti or through delivery on cash methods.

6. Make sure your internet has a decent connection system where you can process your online transaction with ease.

7. Spend your money according to your budget to buy online books and pay it through your own online debit and credit cards.

8. Finally, beware of internet hackers and contact the cyber police department if you are suspicious that something is wrong with your online account.

9. There are several good online book sites in Nepal that you can browse and buy the finest quality of books at a fair price. However, it is advised that you do some online book research on several sites before you make the purchase.

Some of the recommended online book sites of Nepal are Ratna Books, Books Mandala, Pilgrims Book House, Himal Book Shop, and Ekta Books.

There are also several Nepalese people who love to read and browse their favorite books in Laptop, Mobile, and Tablets. Some even download books from torrents or ask their friends or relatives to get their desired books from foreign nations.

The Pdf versions or soft versions of original books are rarely found in Nepal. Furthermore, there are very small sections of people in the Nepalese community who read books and novels in apps such as Amazon Kindle.

There is a possibility that if Amazon’s service which also includes online shopping facilities began its business operation in Nepal, then it is expected that a lot of Nepalese readers will increase. A lot of these book lovers will go for Kindle edition or a soft copy if the Amazon.com is set up in Nepal.

So, the avid book lovers of Nepal, enjoy your online book shopping and Be Happy!!!.

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