How to look beautiful in cultural dresses?

How to look beautiful in cultural dresses?

Cultural dresses have been trending in Nepal for a long time. People prefer to wear traditional attire on any kind of occasion whether it is a wedding, festival, or any kind of pujas than any western clothes. People love to take photos in their traditional attire and to post it on social media. There are so many photos of girls looking so pretty in their cultural dress which makes you want to wear cultural dresses too. So, now let’s talk about how to style your cultural dresses so that you can get that perfect picture.

How to style your cultural dresses.

There are so many cultural dresses in Nepal as people from different communities live here with their own cultures, traditions. So that they each have their own dresses. So you can pick the dress you like according to what you need and wear it. You can style your dress with the following things:

1. Ornaments

cultural dresses

Choose the ornaments you like that goes with your dress. If you are going to ethnic wear then they have their own ornaments so you can just wear them and if you are going to wear a saree or lehenga wear the ornaments according to how it matches your dress.

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2. Makeup

How to look beautiful in cultural dresses?

Make-up is not that important, You can wear it as you like. But if you want to wear makeup you can go with simple makeup as it looks good on the traditional attire and don’t forget to put on tika as it makes a difference in your look.

3. Foot-wear

How to look beautiful in cultural dresses?

Heels are best preferred for cultural dresses as it makes you look better cause traditional attires mostly have long skirts and long skirts look better in heels. Some cultural dresses have their own footwear, so you can wear that too.

4. Hair 

How to look beautiful in cultural dresses?

You can style your hair however you like. You can straighten, curl or roll your hair according to how you like. You can also style your hair differently by tying it or braiding your hair. Just make your hair however it suits you.


How to look beautiful in cultural dresses?

Cultural dresses are part of our traditions so no one should ever forget them. The trend of different western clothes comes and go but cultural dresses are never out of trend. So we gotta preserve our cultures and traditions.

Thank you for reading the blog till the end. Have a good day!

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