How To Apply Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA During Pandemic

How To Apply Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA During Pandemic

Getting a Visa application approved, is like being embraced by the whole country.

Nepal is a country that consists of beauty and fragrance of peace and serenity, that cannot be competed with. With many landmarks and historically famous sites that carry religious importance for Nepal. It’s not a surprise that many American tourists land on TIA with Tourist Visa for Nepal from the USA, for that first-hand experience.

Whether influenced by Nepali friends in the USA or found through the Internet, people find Nepal to be a place to visit at least once in a lifetime.

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Not to exclude the Nepali Brothers and Sisters, because you will need to apply for Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA or a simple Travel Visa for coming back to Nepal too. So, let’s get into the guide for how you can do so.

How to Apply for Tourist Visa For Nepal From The USA

As stated, you need to get to The Embassy of Nepal to submit your VISA Application. But since, the outbreak of COVID, it has been taken with a digital approach. You are asked not to come to the Embassy and rather apply online with a guided form registration.

Registration and Mailing the Application

Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA
Application notice for Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA
  • You should mail your application for the Visa, but before that, you should register your application details for the record of tracking.  The Details Registration records your application data.
  • Which after completion, you will mail it to the Embassy.

(For that, you will be guided from the Visa application page on the official Embassy Website too.)

And that’s it.

You have approached the Embassy for your Visa. Then you will receive a reply after the Application goes through screening and you can receive a reply to your Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA. 

But before jumping out with your application mail, let’s see what we have to prepare you with.

Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA
Information regarding Submission of Details for Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA

Before COVID, it was recommended that you apply for the Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA in person. So, that it would not take much of an effort and error to finalize your VISA Application. That process is also the same ritual as this. 

Around 4-5 days later you would receive your Application result. But, that can fluctuate for now due to the COVID Situation. So, cross your fingers until then and wait.

Documents Required

You will have to submit some documents in the mail. These documents serve as proof of your recorded application and also of your identity. Here are the required documents listed out in order.

  1. Online Application for Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA Confirmation Page Sample- Hard Copy
  2. Passport- with at least 6 months validity- containing at least 2 black Visa pages.
  3. Cashier’s Check or Money Order that is valid for a year to “The Embassy of Nepal, Washington D.C.”
  4. A paid-for Envelope with Tracking Number.

BUT remember to seal it tight as the Embassy will not be responsible for your faulty package and will be kindly returned back as it had arrived.

Visa Fee

Your Visa fee depends on how long you are going to stay in Nepal. You have to pay the fees to forward the application. With that voucher paid and the payment proof, your application gets read through.

And as for the price of stay, It’s Your Pay- Your Choice.

  • 30$ for 15 days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 50$ for 30 days Multiple Entry Visa
  • 125$ for 90 days Multiple Entry Visa
Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA
Further notice on the Embassy Website

Note to be taken while Mailing the Application: 

  • The Visa Fee must be in the form of a Cashier’s Check or Money order. Anything else will not be accepted.
  • Children below 10 Years do not require to pay the Fees for their Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA.

Before You End This Article

Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA
Online Visa Application Form

With this, all the criteria will be analyzed and set as your eligibility test. The time period of having to wait for the reply might be an anxious period of time. But, if you have followed the implication that was directed, then you will find it a relaxing time. You are going to be visiting the best experience that you will be venturing out for. 

So, remember to follow the protocol that the Embassy requires you to fulfill. And all will be well. Your Tourist Visa For Nepal From the USA is bound to be accepted.

And take that time to plan the journey and get ready for it with some articles about Nepal.

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