How to check your own NTC number

How to check your own NTC number

Perhaps you got a new sim. Or you are just not good with numbers. Whatever the reasons, we occasionally forget our own mobile number.

You made a call to a friend just to check your number
You put a small note on the home screen for ease.
Or you went one step further and glued a sticker on the back of your phone with your number

Feel free to tell me in the comments if any of these sound familiar to you. Because, personally, I have accomplished all three (cool emoji sticker). I have even had occasions when I already knew my number, but I still needed to confirm it. (two cool emoji stickers).

Now, I recently found that NTC has actually built some codes and functions within its systems to let us find out what our mobile number is.

Yup, NTC was smart enough to know a customer like me (or You) might pop up at some point.

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So when I made this “remarkable discovery” of course I had to share it.
Let’s move on to our topic of discussion now, ” How to check your own NTC number”.

How To Check Your Own NTC Number

Open your Phone Dialer.
Dial “*9#” and make a “call”.
You will receive your NTC number on the phone display!

Note: However, this feature works only for GSM numbers. It will not work for CDMA numbers.

How To Check Your Own NTC Number
How To Check Your Own NTC Number

So, now you know how to check your own NTC number. Simply, use the NTC number code given above.

Easy Peasy, right?

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