How to Check Your Own Ncell Number

How to Check Your Own Ncell Number

Why bother memorizing a whole 10 digit number when you can simply remember a 3 digit code, right?

You do not need to rot your new sim number (or an old one)
You do not need to trouble your friends for knowing your own number
And a sticker with your number attached to the back of your mobile is lame.

Because Ncell has provided its customers with many USSD codes for ease of use. Among them, our article for today will be on: How to Check Your Own Ncell Number

How To Check Your Own Ncell Number

Open your Phone Dialer.
Dial “*903#” or *103# and make a “call”.
You will receive your Ncell number on the phone display!

Note: When you install the SIM, as an added convenience, Ncell pre-stores your number in the contact list. You can simply search your contact list for “Own Number”

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So, now you know how to check your Ncell Number. Simply, use the Ncell number code given above.

Easy Peasy, right?

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