The trend of gaming in Nepal has just introduced. Today’s youth are more inclined towards video games and online games like PUBG, CS-GO, Fortnight, Apex Legends, etc . Buying a gaming PC can be expensive so it is important to know the basic things about buying a PC so that the money can be spent wisely. People wanting to buy gaming PC are mostly in a tight budget so here are a few tips that could help you to buy gaming buy a gaming PC.


Gaming PC is expensive. And on top of that, the pre-built PC’s are more expensive than the assembled PC. The building of PC can be a very tedious task so most people like to handover this job to the professionals but assembling on your own can reduce the price by a few thousand. It is always better to have a few more thousands because things might not go as expected.


Here are tips on how you can reduce your prices
-Using a cheaper cabinet
-Installing less ram
-Using one storage media (choose SSD over HDD anyway)
-Expenses can be reduced on peripherals
Once you get yourself running you always have the ability to upgrade. And that is our next topic.

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The whole point of having a PC over a laptop is upgradability. PC’s are great at upgrading. If you feel that your system is running slow you always have a choice to swap up a component or add some according to your need instead of buying a whole new set. Nevertheless, if a PC doesn’t have good upgradability then it will be off dated in just a few years and you would have to take hustle of buying a new one.

external equipment and upgradibility for GAMING

So, it is always a good idea to have good upgradability in a PC. Same with the ports its never a bad idea to have as many ports as possible.


I suppose the main purpose of buying gaming in PC is probably gaming. So you might think that buying a good GPU and reducing more expenses on the CPU will save me a few bucks but that’s not the case. A good GPU will need a good CPU to work with otherwise developing bottle-necking issues.

bottlenecking while GAMING

Bottlenecking is a point of congestion in a computer system that happens when the workload arrives too quickly for the production to process and handle, because of the inefficiencies created by the equipment. So it is a nice idea to use equipment which is more compatible with each other. Remember, the equipment cannot function on its own. It is a system that needs to function well for the overall system to extract the full out of itself.


You might be thinking to spend all your money on your CPU but not on the peripherals like monitors, mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. Well, this is a wrong concept. The overall point of using peripherals is to make your experience good. Bad quality peripherals mean you are getting a bad experience with your PC. Even though your PC is a high-end PC it will not provide an experience that you wanted. That’s why it is important to invest in good peripherals while buying a good PC.

GAMING peripherals

However, if the price is hindering then you always have the choice to upgrade later but sticking to the same old and cheap keyboard and mouse will give you a headache Moreover, using a bad quality monitor means you are not fully utilizing your resources then what is the point of spending all the money on your CPU.


Now, after you have brought your PC where are you going to keep it? Will it be an old computer rack with zero ventilation? Well, That is something that you need to worry about. You need to keep your PC in a cool place. PC needs to be ventilated. It should not be kept in dusty places. The dust can damage the components of the CPU like exhaust fans etc. A non ventilated place means you will probably face overheating in your PC. And that too can damage components.

GAMING Motherboard

So don’t forget to invest in a good table and a chair. Also, it’s important to maintain a good posture while using a PC.

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