How To Be A Good Listener: 6 Simple Tips

How To Be A Good Listener: 6 Simple Tips

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

Bryant H. McGill

Ask yourself, Am I a Good Listener?
If your answer is positive, congratulations you own a great treasure.
If you are skeptical, then here we are guiding you to cultivate a good listening ability within yourself.

God gave us two ears and one mouth so we could talk less and listen more. A good listener is a good friend, a good partner, a successful businessman, and a person of wisdom. Listening is an art, an amazing skill one can possess. It is a treasure indeed.

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6 Tips on How to Be a Good Listener

Learning how to be a good listener is an important skill everyone must develop within themselves. Sooner or later, there comes the stage in life where one’s questions themselves Am I a Good Listener? and they try to be the one if they are not. But not everyone who just tries becomes a good listener. To be a good listener requires constant effort, practice, and a true desire to be a good listener. Here is the list on Listener:

1. Be Curious

How to be a good listener

The topic we are curious about is the topic we give our ears to. Yes or not? So, try being curious. Stay curious. Develop the habit of being curious. When you are curious, you listen to what others have to say, you are keen to know people’s thoughts.

You pay your all concentration to listeners making them feel listened to and respected. And you gain knowledge either. It win-win situation. You will be liked by people on one hand. And on the other, you will be more knowledgeable.

2. Keep Quiet

How to be a good listener- keep quiet

When someone is talking, never interrupt them. If you have something to say, save it for later. A good listener always stays silent and listen to what other have to say before he speaks his mind. Staying quiet while someone is talking is one major trait of a good listener. So stay silent and listen.

3. Be Attentive

How to be a good listener- Be attentive

Always be attentive while someone is speaking. Now there is a difference between faking attention and being really attentive. Faking attention will never make you a good listener. A good listener doesn’t only mean listening to what other has to say, it also means listening and understanding their thoughts. So, that they will feel understood.

Always be attentive while your friends, teacher, seniors, parents, or anyone who is speaking to you. A good listener is a person who easily bonds with others and who is liked by everyone.

4. Ask Good Questions

How to be a good listener- ask a good question

Great listening questions often start with what, why, when, and how. Seek the answer to the question you are curious to know when it’s suitable to ask. When you ask a good question, you make a speaker listen. A good listener always has a good question to ask.

5. Make the person feel understood

Good listeners are those who can make someone who is sharing their thoughts understood. We share our problems, our perception, and our general views with someone who listens to us and understand what we are trying to say. So, not just only listen try understanding the speaker’s mind. Make them feel understood. Sometimes all we need is someone who listens to us and understands us.

6. Just Listen

How to be a good listener- Just listen

A good listener knows when to speak and when to talk. Listen when someone is saying something to you. Don’t listen only for the sake of listening. Listen whole-heartedly with full attention and concentration. Be engaged in the conversation by understanding the speakers. And help them with their concerns. Only if you listen well, you can help them with their problems.


How to be a good listener

A good listener is a Good Friend.

Good listening habit is self-beneficial. Everyone likes a person who listens to them, who understands them and makes them feel listened to and understood. It helps to bond more and gain wisdom. A good listening ability welcomes Success.

Good listening requires self-awareness and the ability to be attentive and listen hard. When you cultivate your listening ability within yourself, you will transform yourself into a great person. You will be liked by everyone. This is why everyone wants to be a good listener.

Try Try Until You Die!!
Have a Good day!!


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