How Has TikTok Dominated Other Social Media Platforms In 2022?

How Has TikTok Dominated Other Social Media Platforms In 2022?

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media apps right now. It is a video-sharing app owned by a Chinese company called byte dance. It is also called Douyin in its home country. After its launch in 2016, it has rapidly gained popularity all over the world. Only after it merged with the app musically Tiktok was accessible worldwide. It has gained 2 billion users in a short period. At first, people could only make videos for 15 seconds but now people can make up to 3 minutes.

TikTok’s domination on social media platforms.

How Has TikTok Dominated Other Social Media Platforms In 2022?

It has been becoming a threat to a metaverse company as many users have been shifting towards TikTok from the metaverse apps like Facebook and Instagram. It is more popular among gen z. Due to its massive popularity among gen z, metaverse started reels which is also a video-sharing feature of Instagram same as TikTok. Facebook attempted to make a similar app in 2018 to compete with TikTok but failed to garner attention from people. 

TikTok creaters

Tiktok is different from other social media. People make different types of videos like pranking, lip-syncing, dancing, acting, and other many kinds of videos. People can watch the videos according to their preferences. Even the ads on TikTok’s are fun to watch as the creators try to make the ad videos as much fun as possible. You don’t have to make a lot of preparation to make a video on it. It has content that everybody can relate to. It is a place where people can be themself.

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TikTok creators

People influence others with their life stories or things they have experienced. It is addicting as videos are short and you can easily move on to another video. It has helped people has to show off their talents on such a huge platform. You can hear a lot of songs that got viral due to Tiktok. Due to that many singers promote their songs on this platform. Many brands promote their products on it. It is also used to promote different movies. It’s authentic, genuine, unfiltered, and trendsetting nature might be the reason why it is so popular among people. 


How Has TikTok Dominated Other Social Media Platforms In 2022?

Tiktok has been creating its dominance in social media since its launch. Due to which other social media platforms have tried to remove these apps. It has a huge number of users even though it got banned in some countries. Its popularity is undeniable among teenagers. Nowadays it is getting popular even among aged people. We can see many older people right now on these platforms. There are a lot of older generation creators who have a huge amount of followers on this platform.

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