How Can We Celebrate Teej Amidst COVID-19?

How Can We Celebrate Teej Amidst COVID-19?

For the joyous celebration of Teej, there are usually huge gatherings in the society; women visit their maternal house for a special feast called darr; but should this year be the same?

As of now, we are all aware of the gravitas of the pandemic we are facing. While Teej signifies the union of people to share their happiness, the pandemic has literally shut us inside the confinement of our homes and put a distance of at least one meter in public.

So, how exactly can we celebrate Teej with all the safety rules that have been implemented? Today, we have come up with ways with which we can enjoy this joyous occasion with all the precautions.

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1. Sanitization

Yes, sanitization is a must-use precaution if you are planning on visiting your friends/families/relatives or if you are planning on inviting people to your house for the Teej. Make sure you sanitize each and every corner of your house, make guests sanitize their hands and belongings before entering inside the house, sanitize gifts they have brought. Sanitization is an important step to avoid the virus.

2. Use masks and gloves religiously

How Can We Celebrate Teej Amidst COVID-19?

One of the big mistakes we can make is by letting our guard down in front of our friends and families. We think, “Since they are our friends and families, we don’t have to put on the mask and gloves”, and that’s where we make a blunder. You can never be sure if the next person has a virus or not. The best way to avoid it is to put on the mask all the time. This is for your safety and for the safety of others as well.

3. Strict “NO” to public gatherings

Often the community group organizes puja or events on this day where all the community people come together and celebrate. Since we are in the middle of one of the most dangerous pandemics; these public gatherings should be prohibited and banned at all costs. This also includes visits to temples where it is likely to be most crowded. Nothing is more important than your own safety. Celebrate with people that are close to you inside the safety of your own house.

4. Dancing (The trickiest part!)

How Can We Celebrate Teej Amidst COVID-19?

Dance is an integral part of this Teej. One might even say that the Teejis incomplete without women dancing and singing. But, this is where it becomes most difficult to maintain physical distance and use safety measures. However, there is a way: Dance in a circle. When you dance by forming a circle, you are going to have to put some distance between you and the next person as you will need space to move and groove. This might not be a hundred percent successful, but it will help you to prevent from touching other people continuously. And, this goes without saying, don’t take off your MASKS.

5. Elderly and Children

If you have an elderly person or small children at your house, make sure they don’t participate in the public celebration of the Teej. Try to engage them in some other way like cooking them their favorite meal, put on their favorite movies, and don’t leave them alone.

6. Take responsibility for your own health

If you are suffering from a mild cold or fever, don’t step outside of your house if you are invited to celebrate the Teej, even when you are hundred percent sure that it’s not the symptom of Corona. Be responsible and stay inside.

7. Time restriction

Don’t celebrate for longer than you have to. If you are invited to someone’s place, don’t stay for more than an hour or two. If you are inviting people to your place, inform them beforehand that the celebration will only be for a few hours and not more than that. Don’t hesitate to end the celebration if you think it’s been too long. Remember, precaution is always better than cure.

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