How joyous Pandit Guru Ji does Nwaran as your Family

How joyous Pandit Guru Ji does Nwaran as your Family

Nwaran of a young newborn, done on the 11th day with a Pandit Guru Ji in the detailed process requires a parent to be a responsible individual. The naming ceremony as Nwaran can be called, is when this infant gets an identity as a being. With a namesake to keep as their own for the life and even after the life, Nwaran has a high significance associated with it.


Completing this ceremony requires various kinds of attributes. Getting on from preparing the requirements to manage it as needed and then the main task, naming the child as per the birth time and their details of birth.  Managing all of these things requires a responsible individual. If not then the random process can not be a connection for the realm of the newborn child. 

Seeking the Homely Guru

Finding the right name requires a visit or means of communication to the Astrologer or a Guru. Keeping a random name can be done for the calling name but the birth name has to be specific in this prospect. Taking the time for the ceremony of the name keeping, you’ll have to contact and prebook a time with the Guru. As we know, Hindu gurus are almost always busy with one or more things on their schedule.

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Choose the one you are familiar with or know about. And do justice for the time of the Gurus with the economic part of the process. Some might even ask for the rated amount. And if you are not comfortable, then it’s best to choose someone you have a connection with or through a reference of a known person. That’s about it for choosing a Pandit Guru Ji for this ceremony.


Now to the part of the process after it. Since this is background information of tips for managing the requirements, we would like to be a good information block for you. And if you are a new parent then this will be the most helpful one.

Preparation before the arrival of Guru

On the specified date and time, you’ll need to bathe and clean yourself as a process of purifying the Period of Sutak that started on the day of the child’s birth. Then you arrange the place and all the list of the things so that when Guru arrives, then the starting phase of preparation of Yagya can be done smoothly. There will be the time for tea certainly. Don’t just be getting him to work. Having a way of respect with offering water and tea is a custom that we all follow.


Spending the Day with the Guru

A Guru is a joyous soul who brings good vibrations into a place that he visits. He makes remarks and teaches you about the way and why and how the process is done. That’s the most fun part of inviting a Guru ji into your home. The little kids of the house will get the most of the curiosity about the things being done in the house. And a Guru will always be the highlight of the show for that. A wise and learned person as he is, the environment he creates around that house will make you forget about the works pending or other things left to do.

How joyous Pandit Guru Ji does Nwaran as your Family

Rejoice of the newborn of the house will be felt and celebrated by the Guru as the family. The character traits of the child will be analyzed. Not just a newborn child but the new good news associated with the child will bring happy smiles to every face. That’s the way of having a family Guru for auspicious occasions. He never excludes you and your family. There will be constant guidance for you.

Then comes the main focus of the day, the day of Nwaran brings many things with it. Happiness new possibilities, a new way of thinking are just a few. This time period of the ceremony can take 3-4 hours or more than that as you will be having the fun of it along with it. The whole thing consists of guidance and meanings opening up to you by the Guru, as he will be having his time as he gives you some share of his experiences. The day makes its mark as you go through it.


The naming ceremony ends with the Puspanjali and as the child is shown towards the skylight from the sun. Then the Purity of the house follows and everyone is granted Tika and Parshad of the day. Now is the part where you put Tika to Guru and give him Dakshina for his helpful time. He should be happy with what he gets but just saying that don’t try to use it as an opportunity to save some penny. Hurting other’s feelings and kicking them down wouldn’t quite place the importance of the day. 

Until the Next Ceremony for the Years to Come

With this the rejoice with Prashad bhojan will the Brahman and the farewell of him with a satisfied and happy tone completes the day. Nwaran with a Pandit Guru ji has its importance and fulfilling the requirements of calling him should also be kept in mind. He’ll be there when the child grows up to be a young man or a lady. He’ll have a story to tell to them about their Nwaran day. And you’ll be proud to hear it from him later in the years.

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The process of Nwaran

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