Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

Gorkha, an ancient untouched beautiful town sitting 25 kilometers off-road from Prithivi Highway. Gorkha is one of the important tourist destinations which are rich in beauty, historical, and religious importance. This district is rich in picturesque nature and has a rich history of its own. Three major peaks like Manaslu, Ganesh, Himalchuli, Shringi, Ngadi Chuli, and other uncountable small peaks are standing in this district. Gorkha is also the home of the legendary and brave warriors called Gurkhas. This district also has one conservation area called Manaslu Conservation Area. Beautiful nature, hospitable people, historic site, eight thousand peaks, and adventurous trekking trail would be the beautiful memory and major attraction of this district. Gorkha is not only popular in Nepal but among the people in the world. Here we have listed some of the best travel destinations of the Gorkha district.

1. Manakamana Temple

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

Manakamana temple is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Hindu people in Nepal. This temple is located in the hilltop on beautiful ridge south-east of the township of Gorkha. This temple is the manifestations of the Hindu goddess Bhagwati. We can easily reach to temple within 10 minutes due to the introduction of a cable car. This cable car is linked from the main highway and its station in Kurintar which is about 150 KM west of Kathmandu. Thousands of pilgrims visit Manakamana Temple every year to worship the goddess and sacrifice the animals. There is also a small bazaar near the temple and plenty of deep down valleys and terraced fields.

2. Gorkha Museum

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

This historic building has another name called Tallo Durbar which occupies about 64 companies of land. King Rajendra Bikram Shah had built this place for his son Surendra. This building was a government office until 1980 but to conserve the Gorkha history this place was open as Prithvi Memorial Museum for the general public in June 2008. Inside this museum, you can see weapons, utensils, cultural uniforms of various ethnic groups of the Prithivi Narayan era.

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3. Gorkha Palace

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

Gorkha Palace holds important historic background as it is the birthplace of Prithvi Narayan Shah, in the central palace called Dhuni Pari. This palace is built on a hilltop at an altitude of 3281 feet. This historic palace is located 1-hour walk from Gorkha city. Gorkha Palace is more beautiful because of the detailed wood art and spectacular carving. From this palace, you can see beautiful dazzling peaks like Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Annapurna, and Ganesh Himal. Climbing to Gorkha durbar is challenging as you have to complete about 1,700 steps but the view from the top is rewarding.

4. Caves

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

Caves are also another attraction of Gorkha districts. Gorakhnath Cave lies at the hilltop of Gorkha and it is believed that Gorakhnath was a hermit from whim the district derives its name. It is believed that Gorakhnath is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. This cave is a religious site for both Hindu and Buddhist and this cave lies to the east of Gorkha Durbar. Likewise, Sita Cave lies at Swara VDC of Gorkha district and an amazing natural gift. This cave spreads from Surpani, Auwang, Aruchanute to Arughat in Gorkha. It is said that this cave is the biggest found in Nepal and located at an altitude of 1165 m. Jyoti and Fu’s cave is another amazing cave located in the Gorkha district.

5. Manaslu Circuit Trek

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

Manaslu circuit trek is one of the popular and off-the-beaten treks in Nepal. This trek features breathtaking views of mystic mountains, high passes, adventurous trekking trails, and unique cultures. Feel the fresh air, listen to the music of birds and rivers and walk into the woods to immerse inside the pure nature during Manaslu Circuit Trek. While you are trekking this route you will also see the Buddhist peoples, beautiful Gumbs, and the lifestyle of Himalayan peoples. This trekking route is a restricted area so foreigner is not allowed to trek solo and trekking permit is required. Manaslu conservation area and Annapurna Conservation Area is another prime attraction of this trek.

6. Kalika and Gorakhnath Temple

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

The temple of Kalika and Gorakhnath are other holy places for Hindu devotees. Gorakhnath has an old tradition of offering the Rota which is specially baked from rice. People offer rota from a new harvest to Gorakhnath before consuming. Thousands of people visit these temples to offer prayers and perform pujas.

7. Tsum Valley Trek

Gorkha – 8 Best Hidden Treasure of Nepal

This valley lies northern part of Gorkha and is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage site. The phrase “Tsum” appears from the Tibetan term “Tsombo” which tells vivid. Tsum valley is incredibly vibrant in cultural assets and mostly inhabited by the Gurung racial groups. The valley is rich in Buddhist monasteries, chortens, and mani walls. This valley is so pure that people living here never slaughter animals in the name of a god or any religious events. Tsum valley is surrounded by Ganesh Himal, Buddha Himal, Himal Chuli, and Sringi Himal. Hospitable local peoples offer you Tibetan Tea and local meal as it is their traditional way to welcome the guest.

8. Barpak village


This famous village is located at the hill of 1900 meters north of Gorkha. We can reach Barpak village from the national highway to Gorkha bazaar then a gravel road on the bank of the Dauradi River connects this village. The distance from Gorkha bazaar to this village is about 45 km away. The unique sloppy shape of land and house built in those lands is the major attraction of this village. The breathtaking natural beauty and good hospitality of local peoples can melt many hearts and draw many national as well as international tourists. This village has many things to offer like authentic tradition, breathtaking scenery of the Himalayas, Valley of Daraudi River, Sharkey Danda trek, and Narak Lake.

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