4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

Today we will talk about how to get sponsorship from the big company in Nepal. First of all, we have to understand that sponsorship is a key component while you are organizing events or seminars, etc. So work with the team and list out your potential sponsors.

Look! Sponsorship has a vague meaning. Take the example of football. Emirates which is the largest airline and flag carrier, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the main sponsor of Real Madrid. That’s why you see their name in Madrid Jersey.

Another example is a Series sponsor which is the highest status of sponsorship. Often the name and the logo of the sponsor are incorporated into the title of the series just like Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Getting sponsorship from the big companies in Nepal is quite a hard task but if you follow several things then it will be easy for you.

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Getting Sponsorships

However, today we will give you the tips regarding the sponsorship for your upcoming seminars, events, concerts, etc. These tips are basically concerned with the Nepalese market and it will help you for getting sponsorship from the big companies in Nepal. Therefore we hope our tips will help you to draw the attention of the sponsors.

Definition of Sponsorship?

Sponsorship is parallel to concerts and gigs in the field of music and movies. It is often an asset to be included a brand of sweatshirts, skate or surf equipment, sneakers, or guitar in these events. If you choose their brand then certainly you will get financial support along with a steady supply of gear, other fun shocks, and great links to help you go along.

Meanwhile, sponsorship is also about getting financial support. Sponsored make sponsorship to enlarge the range of their products and services. So if your events or seminars have the right people in a mass then, it will naturally draw the interest of your sponsor.

Tips For Getting Sponsorships By The Big Companies In Nepal

Just remember sponsoring or sponsorship is anything funded financially by the supply of goods or services for an event, an operation, individual, or association.

Getting Sponsorship In Nepal

For getting sponsorship in Nepal, you need to have legal registration and documentation. The legal documentation consists of the overall description of your work, the permission of the local community, venue details, the objective of your work, and details of your team and organization.

Whereas registration means your organization needs to register according to the government of Nepal. And you need to have a team. You have to make a list of your potential sponsor as well. You have to call them and arrange a meeting so that you could talk about your work and move on with a comprehensive deal. While presenting your work with a proposal you have to show your sponsor that your work and their company’s interest have a common ground.

Tips For Getting Sponsorships By The Big Companies In Nepal

I mean to say that you will not get the sponsorship from Tuborg beer for education-related events. You will get Tuborg brand sponsorship for entertainment-related seminars or events or concerts. Other remaining things you need to consider while getting sponsorship by the big company in Nepal are presented below.

a. Professionalism

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

There are several big companies in the Nepalese market that are really reliable for sponsorship. But you have to be professional. Before presenting your work in front of sponsors you have to make them realize that they are dealing with a team of professionals. Honestly, in Nepal professionalism lacks in the market. So with perfection in the professionalism you might will by sponsorships by the big companies.

b. Legal Works

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

Sponsorships are based on the sponsor and sponsored parties through contractual commitments. In order to create expectations on all facets of the sponsorship arrangement among the sponsors and the sponsored parties should set specific terms and conditions. Therefore the legal procedure is required.

c. Previous Work

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

Sponsors always love to give more for the organization that already has experience in this field. Your previous work is a kind of work approval for your sponsors. Show your sponsors how successful was your previous work and explain to them about your key factors for your previous success and show them how you are going to implement your previous Ideas in your prest work.

d. Sponsorship Proposal

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

The assessment of the sponsorship proposal is based on two main factors i.e what you offer and who you submit. These are the considerations that say a sponsor about the best things offered by you, whether you are going to be easy to partner with or whether you have the expertise and strategy to make the most of what you have offered. Therefore, you have to be careful about your proposal because it will represent your objectives and the overall nature of your work.

List Of Potential Sponsors In Nepal

Nepal has a small economy but there is a majority of brands and big companies for sponsorship. So here is the list of your potential sponsor which is categories according to their business nature.

Beverage Companies

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal
  • Tuborg Beer
  • San Miguel
  • Nepa lce
  • Arna

Remittance Firm

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

Remittance in Nepal is quite big. Their customers are large. So there is a big competition in the remittance sector. So they are also good sponsors.

  • IME Remittance
  • Prabhu Remittance
  • Western Union
  • Express Money

Automobile and Bikes Firms

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

Nepal did not have any its own automobile and bikes manufacturing company. However, there are several international brands especially Indian brads which you could target for your next sponsorship.

  • Suzuki
  • Mahindra
  • Baja
  • TVS
  • Honda

Clothing and Shoe Firms

4 Tips For Getting Sponsorship By The Big Companies In Nepal

Although Nepal did not have world renown clothing and shoe brands yet. But there are some domestic brands where you can apply for sponsorship.

  • Sonam
  • Goldstar
  • Calliber
  • Sherpa

The above companies’ names are mainstream and well-reputed brands. However, for sponsorship, you can lookup around your local company. Sometimes local companies also give a big amount of sponsorship. Besides companies, you can also target some big malls like Big Mart, Bhathatini. There are lots of options for getting sponsorships all you need to have to do is good brainstorming.

Thing To Be Included In Sponsorship Proposal

As we already told you, the purpose is the primary factor. Therefore you need to be very careful and professional regarding your sponsorship proposal.

Your personal qualities and abilities – How do you get the sponsor to the table? The ability to speak in public, the ability to write press statements, basic sales and communication abilities, or a unified “look” may include social media abilities. So your personality traits and abilities do matter.

Your target audience – Do you know the target audience of your project. Well, and how they overlap with the target audience of the sponsor? Take the time to think about the audience and explain to sponsors regarding the common grounds.

Event Detail –Offer information about the event in which sponsors are asked to take part. This involves information such as times, location, scale, and nature of the operation. Highlight and focus on meetings, and programming. Offer a description of the demographics of the audience and previous accomplishments.

Traffic– A sponsor would like to see how many people are going to join. If your participation is expected to be poor, you may be less likely to spend much money on ads in your case. In the estimate of participants, it is essential for you to be reasonable because the supporters want the number of people who see their products.

Getting sponsorship from the big companies in Nepal is not as hard as it seems. But acquiring the above traits and qualities in your work may help to get good sponsors. And you need to develop partners of like-minded people. Currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic events organization are suffering. But’s still there are opportunities and with the right plan and strategy it will be easy for you to get sponsorships from the big companies in Nepal.

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