What is the best computer for gaming and video editing in Nepal?

What is the best computer for gaming and video editing in Nepal?
What is the best computer for gaming and video editing in Nepal?

Are you looking for a nice PC for gaming and video editing that fits your pocket? Well, you jumped to the right place. Gaming and editing PC is being more popular nowadays as people are seeking indoor hobbies. You might be worrying looking at the insane price tag companies put on the Pre-built one. Nothing to worry about now, here we will learn and know how you can build your own PC and which component to use.

Building your own PC. Looks like a big deal right???
Not Really. Building a custom PC is fairly simple. Building a PC might seem complex but with a few things on your mind, you are good to go.

1. Compatibility

Not every Motherboard is made for CPU & GPU of all types. We need to see which CPU is compatible with which GPU. To know if a processor and motherboard are compatible check their socket name. It would be in this manner LGA1151, LGA1150, etc for Intel processors and am3+, am4+ for AMD processors.

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2. Casing and sizes.

Basically, the motherboard is of 3 sizes.

  • ATX-12*9.6 inches (Use mid-tower cabinet.)
  • Micro ATX- 9.6*9.6 inches (Use the mini-tower)
  • Mini ITX-6.7*6.7 inches (Use small form factor.)

Accordingly, Cabinet cases are used.

3. Bottlenecking

A bottleneck is a point of congestion in a computer system that occurs when workloads arrive too quickly for the production process to handle. So, using a high-end graphics card with a crappy CPU is not a good idea.
PC component is dependent on each other that’s the reason it is called a system.

Well, that’s all you need to see before you select a component to build a PC.

“Gaming and Editing” RIGS ON VARIOUS BUDGETS.

1. Rs 60,000-Rs 70,000

What is the best computer for gaming and video editing in Nepal?
CPU- Ryzen 3 3200gRs 15,000
Motherboard- MSI B450 Pro VDh maxRs 15,000
Ram- 8gb Hyper X furyRs 5000
Storage- Ssd 240 gb and 500 gb HDDRs 7000
Power supply-Corsair Vs 450 & Nx 200 casingRs 11000
Monitor-Benq Monitor Gw2270hRs 15000
Total:Rs~ 68000

The Ryzen 3200G will give you a pretty good gaming and editing performance. This lovely APU is best value for money right now when under tight budget.
Obviously having a dedicated GPU would enhance the experience but for the price point here it totally worth it. A faster ram and SSD will boost th e performance for sure.
You always have the ability to add a dedicated GPU and more RAM to improve performance for sure. For beginning this will be probably enough to get you going.

2. Rs 80000- Rs 100000

CPU- Ryzen 3 3100~Rs 18000
Motherboard- ASRock B450M PRO4-FRs 16000
Ram- 8gb Hyper X furyRs 8000
Storage- Ssd 240 gb and 500 gb HDDRs 7000
GPU- GTX 1650 Gaming XRs 27000
PSU- Corsair Vs 450 & Fantech Pulse casingRs 12000
TOTALRs ~88000

You can improve the performance by adding additional RAM and swapping the SATA SSD with NVMe 2 ssd. Adding a colour accurate monitor will help you more in editing. The latest Ryzen 3100 will keep you moving with its quadcore and hyperthreaded processing power. The GPU will support AAA games with ease too.

NOTE: YOU don’t always have build your PC all at once. Components can be added in future too. Component can be changed according to your needs.
Use your cash on CPU if your focus is editing and on GPU if gaming.

Also, invest in good peripherals as they can enhance the experience of using your PC quiet nicely. Get yourself a color-accurate monitor if your main focus is editing and a high refresh rate monitor if your focus is mainly gaming.

You can check the benchmark of your component on this website. https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/

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