11 Fun Activities to do Around Kathmandu

11 Fun Activities to do Around Kathmandu

Who doesn’t want a day full of fun? I do.

After a hectic weekday, I always look toward a free weekend to have fun and do various things around. But this is where it gets challenging.

What to do or where to go?

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I mean there are no other places than restaurants to have fun and eat good food right?


If you are really looking for outdoor activities to spend time and refresh yourself, the first thing to note is to try and accept all the activities there is around even though you feel like it is a bit childish. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with a list of fun activities to do around Kathmandu and have a chill time. 

Jump KTM

Jump KTM is the first trampoline park in Nepal located at Mandikatar, Kathmandu. Jump KTM has many activities that can keep you there for at least two hours. The idea they have come up with is very enjoyable, I mean who doesn’t like jumping around in trampolines. Jumping on a trampoline also has many health benefits.

Jump KTM

It might seem a bit childish to be bouncing from one place to another but, Jump KTM actually brings out the inner child hidden inside of you. The ticket rates at Jump KTM for children below 105 cm are Rs 499/- and Rs 799/– for normal people on weekdays. It costs Rs 699/- for children below 105 cm and Rs 999/- on weekends and holidays for normal people. But there are more exciting price offers if you go there with a group of people.

House of Palettes

Even if you have not touched a paintbrush for years, House of Palettes will urge you to hold a paintbrush. Situated at Evoke, Jhamsikhel, House of Palettes has maintained an environment that brings out the artistic side in you. It does not matter if you are a professional artist or just starting, there are many artists in the premise that will guide you along the way to your art masterpiece.

House of Palettes

You can order food and drink from the restaurant Evoke and have a good time eating and painting as well. You can either paint the pictures they have set up for you or pour your imagination into the canvas. The canvas price varies according to the canvas size, costing Rs 1200 for a small size canvas, Rs 1400 for a medium-size canvas and Rs 1600 for a large size canvas.

A normal painting can take from 2 to 3 hours, make sure you have a lot of hours to spare before going there. Even if you don’t complete your painting, you can stop it for the day and return the next day to complete it.


There are many arcades in Kathmandu, Notable ones; Civil Mall and City Center. You can play various games and perform many activities in the arcade, mostly bowling, video game, and 8 ball pool. Trying all the attractions can take from 3 – 4 hours. However, you need to pay money before trying all these attractions. The price depends upon the time and the game you are about to play.

This place is super fun if you go there with a group of people. Trying the activities there can take from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. You can also play classic games such as Spiderman, Marvel games, Street Fighter and many more in the arcades that can bring you nostalgia.

KTM Haat

Watching a potter make pottery is quite interesting. Isn’t it? Playing with a lump of clay until it becomes a pot or vase is pretty interesting I would say. I hope at some point in our life when we were a kid we have always dreamt of making one ourselves. Now there actually is a place where you can mold a lump of clay and make something of it. You can find the place in Bhanimandal which is near to Jawalakhel.


But if you are wondering if you will be able to make something out of the clay, then no worries, there will be a professional potter present there to guide you all along the way until you make a beautiful vase, or pot, or theki. It costs Rs 1200 for children and Rs 2000 for adults.

Fun Park

Fun park, basically an amusement park to do activities to have fun and spend a good time. There are three amusement parks in Kathmandu; Kathmandu Fun Park situated at Bhrikutimandap, Whoopee Land Amusement Water Park situated at Kritipur and Kathmandu Fun Valley at Suryabinayak. All these amusement parks have different attractions that once you start trying, you won’t know the time flying by.

The entrance fee may vary among the parks. Along with this, you also have to pay individually for each rides.So, it might seem a bit expensive to pay both to enter the park and try those attractions, but trust me all the activities there will give you a different experience making the price paid reasonable. So have your wallets or purse filled with cash before going there.

The Best Archery

If you’ve ever been influenced by the battles between the good and bad characters, like the ones from the television series Ramayana or Mahabharata, then we have a place that is similar to your interest. This is the only archery center in the valley located at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, which opened on 22nd November 2014.

Archery Fun activities to do around in Kathmandu

You can go and shoot your arrows whenever you are having an off day. It costs Rs 400 for 30 minutes per person and Rs 600 for 1 hour per person per session. Similar to other activities on this list, this place also has experienced trainers and certified coaches to guide you through the basics of archery.

Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing is an upcoming trend in Kathmandu. Many places offer wall climbing which is situated mostly at Thamel and Paknajol. Asterk Climbing Wall and Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center are some of the most renowned wall climbing centres in Kathmandu. I still remember the days when I used to climb trees making myself feel like Spiderman, but wall climbing centres actually turned my dreams into reality.

Wall Climbing Fun activities to do around in Kathmandu

It costs from Rs 700 to Rs 1000 to climb the wall provided by these facilities, depending on the place. You can have a really fun time if you go there with your group of friends and can take up to 2 hours to complete climbing all the walls. Wall climbing is also a full-body exercise and can be a refreshment for the body as well.

Horse Riding

We all have clearly sat on the back of our fathers, brothers, or our pet dogs riding them as they portrayed the character of a horse. Those were the days when we loved horse riding, and now there actually is a place solely dedicated to providing us with the same experience but with an actual horse. Interesting right. Flying Horse Pvt. Ltd is a training and recreational center for riding a horse. Flying Horse is located at Dhapakhel road just by the National Agriculture Research Center which is opposite to the GEMS school.

Fun activities to do around in Kathmandu Horse Riding

The Flying Horse provides a half-day, full-day, hour and 30 minutes package for all the interested people. Although horse riding is quite expensive, it is an experience that you all should try at least once. So make sure you work hard and have a wallet full of cash before going there.

Mirror Maze

Finding your way through a maze can be difficult, imagine it with mirrors in place of the walls. Sounds fun right. And yes there is a place where you get to experience this first hand. The mirror maze is a place full of entertainment, where you get to experience three different themes; Blue, Dark, Horror and an infinity room.

Mirror maze Fun activities to do around in Kathmandu

Mirror Maze is situated at Kumaripati, Lalitpur, and Chabahil. You can experience the infinity room theme at the Chabahil branch. It costs Rs 250 for each theme and you can get Rs 50 discount if you have your Student ID card with you. To get the optimum experience, we recommend you to go with a group of more than three people.


Situated at Kathmandu Fun Park and Kritipur, painting is one hell of an activity to have fun. Once the match starts, your survival instincts kick in and your adrenaline starts pumping, you start imagining yourself in the situation of a real battlefield and start acting accordingly.


This activity is closely related to the famous game Counter-Strike but with a paintball instead of an actual gun. You are required to capture the opponent’s team flag while protecting your team’s flag. This activity brings out the creative side of yourself. It can cost from Rs 400 – Rs 600 per person depending on the place where you go paintballing.


Situated at Civil Mall, Kathmandu, Lazermaxx is an activity that is best when playing with a group of friends. Similar to paintball Lazermaxx is an inexpensive activity where you shoot your opponents with a laser gun. You earn the points earned by shooting your opponent which are recorded by the AI, and whoever has the highest point wins.

Fun activities to do around in Kathmandu

The maximum amount of players in the game is 20 and can be played individually or in a team. It takes 25 minutes to complete one game session. The price of Lazermaxx is Rs 300 for the first game and the addition of Rs 200 per game making Rs 500 in total.

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