Full Guidelines on How to Make Passport in Nepal

Full Guidelines on How to Make Passport in Nepal
Full Guidelines on How to Make Passport in Nepal

A passport is one of the important documents. We can never go to any other countries either for job opportunities or for further studies, for travel or to fill up DB without a passport. It is one of the major requirements for international travel, you can be asked to show it anywhere, anytime during your stay in a foreign country.

A passport is used to verify one’s country of citizenship meaning your passport acts as evidence of your nationality. We can easily travel to any country if we have passports with us. Without it, it is impossible.

I am thinking of making a passport soon. What about you? Let’s learn how to make passport in Nepal easily together with us.

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If someone asks you How to make passport, make sure you could answer and make them understand how to make a passport in a very easy manner. How to Make Passport should be one of the things, every one of us must know because a passport is one of the most important documents after all.

Making a passport is not as complicated as it may seem or sound. It is an easy process indeed if we have an idea of which office to visit and the documents required together with eligibility.

Let’s learn how to make passport in a very easy manner. Are you ready to learn?

What is an Ordinary Passport?

An ordinary Passport, green in color is issued to the general citizen of a country for private travel, such as for vacation, study, and business trips (36 or 60 pages).

It is also called a “Type P” passport where P refers to Personal.


  • Nepali Citizenship

Documents Required

  • Original and self-attested copies of parents’ passports.
  • Nepalese Citizenship Certificate with its photocopy (for applicants above 16 years of age)
  • Two MRP(Machine Readable Photo)
  • Passport Form (Should be filled online and printed)
  • National Identity card (mandatory for electronic passports)

How to Make Passport in Nepal?

Did you ever been curious to know How to make passport? I used to be.

WELL!!!! without further ado, let’s get directly to the topic i.e. How to Make Passport in Nepal.

Depending on the urgency, you can follow the given process to make a passport in Nepal.

Normal Procedure

If you have enough time to have a passport in your pocket, then you can make your passport through this process.

Full Guidelines on How to Make Passport in Nepal
  • Download the MRP (Machine-Readable Passport) application form from the website of the Department of Passport.
  • Open the application form using the Adobe Acrobat program. If you do not have this software, then install it to open the form.
  • Fill in all the asked information in the form.
  • Print the form on the A4 sheet after you have completed filling up the form. Make sure that you select ‘None’ for page scaling while printing.
  • Submit the printed copy to the CDO (District Administration Office).
  • You will have your passport, after 5 to 45 days of applying.


You cannot fill the form using browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

You have to pay Rs 5000 while applying for it. You must be present in-person to apply.

Emergency Procedure

If you are in a very hurry to get your passport, then you can follow up this process to have your passport within a day or two days,s or three days.

YAHOOOOO!!!! Here is the step:

  • Download, open, fill out the MRP application form correctly, and print it as mentioned in the procedure for the normal service.
  • Visit the District Administration Office and obtain a verification letter (sipharis) from the concerned official from your own district.
  • Visit the Department of Passport, Narayanhiti, Kathmandu. Don’t forget to attach all the mandatory documents including the District Administrative Office (DAO)verification letter, original citizenship certificate, and another xerox copy attached to the form.
  • At the Department of Passport you yourself have to be present. In the case of a minor, they have to be present with their guardian.


Application Fee

Within 3 days: 10,000
Within 2 days: 12,000
Within a day: 15,000

Photo Requirement

Here is the photo requirement for the easy identification of MRP photos. Follow these guidelines to take the photos for your passport:

  • The photos must be taken within 6 months of the time period. Else it will be invalid.
  • The size of the photo must be as per the following instructions given below:
Full Guidelines on How to Make Passport in Nepal
  • The photos should not be edited or modified digitally or using photoshops.
  • Eyes should be open and visible. If you are wearing power glass, then the spectacles’ frame must be thin and of light color.
  • Do not cover your head or wear any ornaments, except for religious reasons.
  • A photo must have a plain light background with no border and must be printed in high quality.

Key Points

How to Make Passport in Nepal?

  1. Normal Procedure
  2. Emergency Procedure

How Strong is Nepali Passport?

Nepal ranks 89th on the list of most powerful passports in the world.

In other words, the Nepali passport is considered one of the weakest passports in the world.

How many Countries can You Visit with Nepali Passport?

As of 2 July 2019, a person with a Nepali passport can travel to 39 countries without a prior VISA.

There is no need for VISA for 12 countries. And while 25 countries provide an On-Arrival-VISA for Nepali passport holders

Make a Passport from Your Own District

Full Guidelines on How to Make Passport in Nepal
The crowd at the Department of Passport

The government has requested people to make passports from their own district instead of coming to Kathmandu to make passports due to the over-crowd at the Department of Passport, Narayanhiti unless it is very important.

We all hate crowds. So, to lessen the crowd, let’s make our passports from the district we belong to.


After reading this article, you must have had an idea about how to make passport in Nepal. If you need a passport within a day or within two days or three days, then you can apply for a passport by following the Emergency Procedure steps.

If you are not in hurry then you can take your time and apply for a passport following the normal process.

Before applying for a passport, make sure you have all the required documents and filled the information in your form correctly. And also do proper research on How to Make Passport because it will be easier for you to carry out your work.

If you have filled in the incorrect information, and your passport has already been made then it would cost you some money and consume your time either. So, beforehand make sure all the filled information is correct.

Thank You!! for reading our article till the end.

We hope you enjoy reading our article on the topic How to Make Passport in Nepal.

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