3 Different Ways To Find A Boy For Marriage In Nepal For a Happy Married life

3 Different Ways To Find A Boy For Marriage In Nepal For a Happy Married life

A great marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together. it is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.

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Before, people didn’t have any say in marriage in the Nepali context. Everything would be arranged by parents and a girl had to marry as per the choice of their parents. It was hard especially for girls cause their parents would marry them off at a young age to someone that is not even their age. Girls didn’t have any say in their life choices. But since the world has changed and therefore Nepal also has changed.


Nowadays girls are more independent. They get to choose their life as they want. A  girl can marry whoever they want as their choice. Since it is a really important thing one should be careful about their decisions of who you are going to marry. So girls If you are searching for a boy of your choice for marriage then here are some ways to search for a boy in Nepal. Even though finding a boy for marriage is not that hard but to find a boy of your choice can be a bit difficult  

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Ways to search Nepali boy for a marriage

As long as you know what kind of guy you want to get married to, it is not that hard to find a boy for marriage. If you are thinking of marrying a guy of your dreams then you should probably follow these ways that are given below.

Matrimonial sites

Search Nepali Girl For Marriage

There are many matrimonial sites in Nepal for marriage. These sites have made it easier to search for a partner for marriage in Nepal. You can go to these sites and just register. They will ask for your hobbies, preferences, work and so on and they will match you with a boy just like the person you are looking for. There are different matrimonial sites like




hamromilan.com, and many more.

Through your relatives and your friends

Marriage Registration in Nepal

When you don’t have any idea where to find a boy for marriage then  You can always ask your relatives and your friends. Your relatives and friend can find you a boy through their mutual friends and contacts. Your relatives are always ready with a boy for you to marry so you can just ask them and if you like him then you can marry him. 

Social media

social media

Social media is a great way to meet new people. You can find all kinds of people on social media. You get more options to choose from for your marriage. There are many social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and many other sites. You have to make your profile attractive and more approachable for you to find a boy for marriage.

Nowadays we hear that people are getting married through Pubg, TikTok. You can find your partner, through these sites also but don’t be too dependent on them. But it is ok as long as you find your soulmates through these too.


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Marriage is one of the most important aspects of one’s life so, You should never get married just because someone wants you to. You have to get married when you feel like you are ready and when you actually want to get married. Since it is you who is going to get married be careful with your choice and there is no need to hurry. Hope this blog was helpful to you. Have a good day!


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