20+ Top FAQs: IELTS Test Strategy

20+ Top FAQs: IELTS Test Strategy

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the IELTS Test.

Is IELTS reading the same for everyone?

No, IELTS reading is different for General Training and Academic test takers.

How long does it last?

It lasts for 1 hour divided among 3 different passages.

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Which IELTS is difficult?

Generally, it has been found that academic reading is comparatively tough.

How many questions will be there?

There will be 40 questions.

Will it deduct my marks if I give wrong answers?

No, there is no negative marking system in IELTS.

Can we write on question paper?

Yes, you can.

Will there be extra 10 minutes?

No, unlike Listening, you don’t have extra minutes to transfer your answer.

Are we allowed to use a pen?

No, always a pencil

Is spelling important?

It is.

Can I overlook some grammar?

No, you have to be very accurate with your grammar.

Can I answer in all capital letters?


Can we write True/False for Yes/No?

No, you can’t.

Are all the answers in order?

No, it depends.

How do I book/register for the test?

You can take your date by visiting the respective country office of their partner company or book it directly from their website.

How is IELTS Test scored?

IELTS is scored under 4 categories ( listening, reading, speaking, and writing ) making it an overall score of 9 combinedly.

Do I take all parts of the test on the same day? Which part do I take first?

Well, it depends on the practice of respective countries. In the context of Nepal, Speaking is taken on a different day prior to or post-writing date. You will be informed before at least 48 hours from your test.

How much does IELTS Test cost?

By the time this article is written, it costs you NRS. 23,000 for paper-based and NRS.21,500 for CDT(Computer Delivered Test)

Can I make notes on the Listening and Reading question papers?


Can I use a pen for the Listening and Reading tests?

No. You are strictly advised to use a pencil.

Can I write in capital letters?

Yes in listening but all the letters must be in capital format.

Does the Listening tape provide instructions and pauses?

Of course, it does provide the instructions before each section in listening but you will not have other pauses than going through the questions

Is there a similar period of 10 minutes in the Reading test to transfer answers?

No. It is only in the listening part that you get extra ten minutes in the end to transfer your answers.

How long are my IELTS results valid?

They remain valid for 2 years.

How long does it take for the IELTS Test score to arrive?

In the context of our country, It takes 13 days to receive your IELTS result for paper-based, and if it’s CDT then you will have your result within 3-5 days.

How many IELTS test report forms (TRFs) am I entitled to?

You are only entitled to a single TRF unless you need it for some special purposes. The extra cost must be borne by the candidate himself on that condition.

Is spelling important?

Yes. It is very important.

What if I am delayed by circumstances beyond my control?

You can never arrive late for your exam. In fact, you need to arrive and report by the mentioned time in order to stay in the exam.

What if I lose my IELTS Test Report Form?

In that case, you need to contact your IELTS center from where you took your test. You need to provide a copy of your candidate ID and the administrative cost must be paid by you but the copy of a result older than two years can’t be recovered.

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Hope these above frequently asked questions about IELTS Test will help you in your IELTS Band 8 strategy.


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