Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

In the technology industry, the electric vehicle (EC) is fast gaining traction. It has been highlighted as a crucial technology in the mobility industry for decreasing future emissions and energy usage. Thanks to a wider range of options, cheaper pricing, grants, and ever-improving battery technology, consumers now have more options.

What is Electric Car?

The electric car is powered by batteries instead of a combustion engine, which produces power by burning a mixture of fuel and gases. Because ECs have no clutch or gears, they can accelerate smoothly and fast, giving the impression of driving a sports automobile. ECs have fewer moving components, it requires less service and upkeep. ECs help us become more energy independent while also contributing to cleaner air and fewer carbon emissions.

Electric Car being charged in a charging station.

List of Updated price of Electric Vehicle In Nepal 2022

BYD DolphinRs 21,88,000
TATA Nexon EVRs 36,99,999
TATA Tigor EVRs 29,99,000
KIA Soul EV (EXI)Rs. 56,00,000/-
MG ZS EVRs. 59,99,000/-
Hyundai Kona EV (100 KW)Rs. 76,96,000/-
Hyundai IONIQRs. 76,96,000/-
Tesla Model 3 [Standard+]Rs. 1,15,00,000/- 
Tesla Model X [Performance]Rs. 3,15,00,000/- 
Updated price of Electric Cars of Nepal 2022

Pros and Cons

As a consumer, an electric car can be a terrific way to save a lot of money on petrol. However, there are other reasons why you should purchase an electric vehicle with today’s technology. However, selecting an electric car or crossover will necessitate an examination of your specific requirements and comprehensive consideration of the benefits and drawbacks of a zero-emission vehicle.

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1. No Fuel

Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

Being an electric car, everything is powered by electricity, so you’ll never have to save money for gas again. Gas money might be spent on something more expensive or on something less expensive, such as electric automobiles.

2. Low maintenance

Electric automobiles required low maintenance. It uses electrically-driven engines, which eliminate the need for lubrication, engine-related maintenance, and a slew of other activities that are typically connected with a gas engine. The majority of the system can be kept up to date using information technology.

3. Reduced Noise Pollution

Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

Electric vehicles reduce noise pollution since they are significantly quieter. Over longer distances, electric motors can provide a smooth drive with better acceleration. Every EC is now being produced as a support for reducing noise pollution.

4. Renewable Energy

Electric vehicles run on energy, which is a renewable resource that can be replenished. As a result, electric vehicles are a viable option. Renewable energy sources such as wind, water, and even solar energy may be used to generate electricity.

5. Eco- Friendly

Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a potent weapon in the fight against global warming. Gas is extracted where we live, which has an impact on our system, but electricity is created using wind, water, and air, among other things, and can supply much of what we want.


1. Few charging ports

Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

Charging ports have yet to be put on Nepalese roads. We must look for resorts or hotels to use ports, which is a time-consuming process. This makes it difficult for an EV owner to rely on his or her vehicle.

2. Long charging time

Fueling an engine takes a short amount of time, whereas having an EC and charging takes a long time. An EC requires more than 5/6 hours to completely charge which is very time-consuming.

3. Limited Driving Range

Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

A gas-powered automobile has a far longer driving range than an electric car, which may range from 100 to 400 kilometers depending on the model. This can be an issue if you’re planning a lengthy vacation, but if you charge your car every night, it should be OK for regular commutes.

4. Initial cost high

To save energy in the long run, you should first invest more in electric automobiles rather than gas-powered vehicles. When it comes to manufacturing, electric automobiles are more expensive.

5. Expensive to replace the battery

When compared to gas-powered automobiles, electric vehicles save a lot of money. However, in the long run, after around 5-6 years, you will need to replace the battery, which will cost you more than you expect.

Current Situation of Electric Vehicles in Nepal 2022

As the price of gasoline rises, so does the desire for electric vehicles!!

Since the tax has been reduced, ECs have been the better option for people. The scarcity of battery charging outlets, however, continues to be a major concern for electric car owners. The Nepalese government’s power administration is now working on establishing charging ports in all of Nepal’s provinces.

Because the air quality is considerably worse than it was before, and it is becoming worse every day, the government of Nepal is focusing far more on EVs than on gasoline engines to improve the air quality. We can only hope for the best in terms of improving the Nepali ecosystem.


Electric Car price in Nepal 2022

The advancements made by electric car manufacturers in recent years are very welcomed and are a necessity for the ecosystem’s survival. The most significant barrier to the broad adoption of electric cars is cost, as the initial cost of ECs is expensive.

Electric Cars are very effective for controlling environmental pollution. We believe that individuals would feel empowered to drive an electric car as a result of widespread marketing and environmental education activities. Each individual can make a difference, so go buy electric vehicles and contribute to the cause.

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