“Dark Season 3” Best Finale!!

“Dark Season 3” Best Finale!!

Because of the terrible and surprising end of the Dark’s Second Season, people were making a lot of theories in prediction to its third season. But when the trailer arrived, it was beyond prediction. Something new came out, the maker changed the whole world and dimensions of the story that goes above the head of many with the grand emotional conclusion. That’s why Dark Season 3 has been considered the show with the best finale of its time.

"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

Though the final season starts off slow it gradually picks up pace in the latter half. Most of the questions are answered by the end but some are left behind to the imagination of the audience. Season 3 is more focused into human emotions, relationships, and motivation to their actions without moving from its root theories, such as Albert Einstein theory of relativity, Philosophy of eternal return by Friedrich Nietzsche, and Quantum mechanics, especially Erwin Schrodinger’s cat experiment, which is beautifully applied on its plot. Similarly, this show has effortlessly explained complicated topics like space-time continuum and infinity with half-life property of radioactive elements, among them the Einstein-Rosen bridge scene was beautifully done.

"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

This season has focused more on Jonas and Martha and sidelined the supporting characters. In comparison to other seasons, this season has to care less about minute details. But ultimately we get shocking revelations in every episode, and the show ended in the most optimized way.

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"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar have written this incredible story together, and they are the creator of the series.


"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

Baran bo Odar, himself directed this series. He has really done wonders in the form of the concept, and the way he has pictured the story to the camera is fantastic.


"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

The central character of the series is Jonas Kahnwald and his three age versions. Louis Hofmann, Andreas Pietschmann, and Dietrich Hollinderbaumer play the young, middle, and old age parts of Jonas. All of them have done an excellent job as their acting is consistently good without any emphasis.

The second lead character of Season 3 is Martha Nielsen, played by Lisa Vicari. She has done the best job.

Apart from these two lead characters, there are many more actors in this series, and all of them look effective.


"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

Dark could be a mess, but the way many editors have edited it, they are entitled to fame.


Nikolaus Summerer’s cinematography and stunning visuals are incredible.

Background Score

Ben Frost’s background score is unique and excellent, which has given Dark its lethargy.

Should you watch it or not?

"Dark Season 3" Best Finale!!

It’s totally worth it. The only problem you will have after watching this show is that you can’t enjoy any above-average show. It will spoil you like that.

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