Covid-19 Antigen Kit: Self-test kit- Instructions

Covid-19 Antigen Kit: Self-test kit- Instructions

Have you taken the Covid-19 self-test?

Here are the instructions required for the Covid-19 self-test.Bid farewell to your insecurity of being Corona positive. Now, we have the Covid-19 self-test. You can stay in your home and know if you have coronavirus or not. Now it’s a huge relief. Saves times and troubles of visiting hospital. 

Why Should You Test Yourself?

Covid-19 virus

Many people with Covid-19 have mild or even no symptoms but can still spread the virus. With regular self-testing, we can help to minimize the spread of the virus. The self-test is easy to use. You should only wait 30 minutes after you begin your test to get your result. 

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Who Is Eligible For The Test?

  • Adult Aged 18+

Self-test and report, with assistance if needed

  • Adolescents aged 12 to 17

Self-test and report with adult supervision. The adult may conduct the test as necessary

  • Children under 12 

Children under 12 years of age should be tested by an adult. Do not conduct this test if you do not feel confident to test a child.

Can You Test Positive For Coranavirus Without Showing the Symptoms?

Yes, it is possible. You might be carrying Coronavirus inside you or exposed to the virus still, showing no symptoms.COVID-19 symptoms start, on average, 5 days after the last exposure. The onset can range from 2 to 10 days. Isolate yourself for 5-10 days and check if you have any symptoms. If the symptoms arose then go for medical counselling. 

COVID-19 Test Procedure

Covid-19 test

Here are the steps that should be taken during your self-test for Covid-19:

Step1- Prepare your test area

Read the instructions guideline carefully. Watch the swab test videos on Youtube, if you need more information regarding the Covid-19 self-test. Wash your hand neatly with soap and warm water or sanitize it. Now clean and dry the area where you are going to perform the test. Use hand gloves to begin the procedure.

If you are going to perform the test more than one time, make sure to clean the surface, rewash your hand and change your gloves each time you perform the test.

Check your kit Contents

Covid-19 self test

For sure, if you are going to begin your test, you should check the kit contents and make sure you have everything that’s needed. Your test box should have the following items:

  • Extraction tube holder
  • Test strip in sealed packaging
  • Extraction buffer Sachet
  • Extraction tube
  • Swab inside sealed wrapper

Do make sure, nothing is missing, broken or damaged. If it is, contact the medical store from where you bought it. Bring a new one for the test.

Step2- Set up your test

Covid-19 washing hand

Take the test strip out of the sealed bag and place it on the flat cleaned surface. Once you have opened it, you have to perform the test within 30 minutes time period.

Place the tube in the extraction tube holder attached inside the box. Open the sachet and be careful not to spill any of the liquid. Open the extraction tube and gently squeeze all the liquid from the sachet into the tube.

Step3- Take your Swab sample

Covid-18 taking swap sample

Blow your nose gently. Open the swab package. Put the swab in your nostril and gently rotate it 10 times. No force is required.

Continue the same process on your mouth either. Open your mouth wide and rub the fabric tip of the swab over both tonsils now take it out.

Step4- Process the Swab sample

Covid-19 taking the swap sample

Pick up the extraction tube and place the fabric tip of the swab into the extraction tube, so it’s dipped in the liquid. After a while, take it out and place the swab in the waste bag provided

Press the cap tightly onto the extraction tube to avoid any leaks. Now wash your hands after completing this step. Ensure the test kit is on a flat surface. Gently squeeze the extraction tube and drop the liquid in the specimen well (S) on the test strip.

Step5- Read your result

Covid-19 result negative

If your test is positive, two lines appeared-one near the control line region (C) and one near the test line region (T)

If your test is negative, one line appeared near the control line region (C)

Step6- Report your test result

If your result is positive, report your result to the nearest hospital. Consult the doctor and have your medicine. Isolate yourself from others.


Covid-19 a message with stop corona virus

In Nepal, the number of Covid-19 patients is increasing. You should protect yourself and avoid being in a crowd. If your instinct tells that you might be carrying coronavirus, then you can self-test for it or visit the medical near you.

We home in this pandemic situation, you will stay safe and aware. We wish you a safe and healthy life. Thank You!

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